Yoyoyo, we authors now.

Yes, I stayed up past my bedtime last night/this morning, I know right, so hard so sad. I’m fucking with you, I’m pretty much nocturnal because I’m a neckbeard loser who lives in his mother’s basement and has no life other than making skyrim orc waifu’s haha.

So I was allowed to go on this lovely show on the allgames network called zombiecast, I’ll leave a link to it down below and yeah it was a lot of fun. I kinda sound like a zombie and we spend a lot of time talking about my shitty english accent haha but we get some zombie stuff in there. They let me plug my crap, I kinda didn’t do a great job of selling Green Sunday but you know we shit talked a little bit, I mean the book isn’t even out so really I just wanted to spurg about zombies and dumbshit like that, talk nonsense, get some bantz going and honestly I could have been on for a lot longer it was really fun and easy.
I was pretty nervous actually but then we got into it and it was very conversational and the hosts were very laid back and chilled out, so it was just a lot of fun. Also the author of American Revenant my good virtual friend (haha) the honourably John L Davis the fourth was in the chat laughing at how fucking stupid I sound haha. Of course he blew us all away with stories of his book landing in the hands of Jeffrey Dean Morgan, that’s Negan. Negan is reading his book, what a jammy git. I mean that’s so cool, I’m really happy for him and bless him the guy works hard he really deserves it, much more than me anyway haha.

So yeah that happened and Normi said I could come back on when the book launches, which is definitely something I’ll do and she wants a signed copy which is doable, now if she can get it to Negan, wouldn’t that be nice haha? I’d honestly prefer it goes to the guy who plays Trevor in GTAV haha I love that guy. If anyone would like my writing it’d be that guy haha.

Ok down to business, the business of updates. Been chugging along with the sequel to GS and it’s going pretty well, it’s a joy to write about halfway through now depending on whether it shapes up to about 80k or under like last time. It’s just such a guilty pleasure for me because honestly I feel ashamed to write zombie fiction I feel ashamed to tell people who aren’t fans of that stuff about it because it’s dumb it’s not real. I really want to use it as launching pad for my serious/semi-serious dexter style novels. But it’s like being between a rock and a hard place because I love writing it but I know it’s basically trash most normies would snub but I think the people that enjoy this stuff might love it so I do it for them and for me.

The contract is sorted for Muddy Boots, still working on the cover, and the new edits so when that’s all done we’ll be moving on to launch schedules, got quite a bit to do in the mean time, but we should have physical copies audiobooks, the whole nine yards, I’m really excited, how could I not be?
Still doing the review copy shenanigans and of course signing up to my mailing list will bank you free ebooks, I say books, it means one book, the same book haha. When I finish my other novella, I’ll switch to that, how does that sound, or I might just give away my nano novel haha.

And here’s the link to the episode I’m in, I’m like an hour and I don’t think you can skip so *raspberry noise*, honestly it’s a great show, if you like walking dead you should definitely give it a listen.



You lucky bastard haha.

See you…