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September 2021

Good night

Goodnight, sleep well, serenely,

I’ll be there upon waking,

Watching you sleep peacefully,

Patiently my love, waiting.

Your eyes look so beautiful,

Even when they’re not open,

I’ll be there as usual,

To kiss you when you’ve woken.

A kiss would be wonderous,

It would set my heart alight,

Our hearts pounding thunderous,

We embrace and say goodnight.


Approach my love unyielding,

My heart and soul she beckons,

Deepest desires revealing,

Loved by you every second.

I love you so completely,

Your face sets my heart ablaze,

Yet it burns warm uniquely,

But only for always.

Head in your lap homecoming,

A love that can’t be reproached,

Overlook my shortcomings,

And allow me to approach.

But one kiss

Only one kiss, singular,

Laid upon your lips gently,

Could make me your prisoner,

Make the world green with envy.

Yet my heart is paralyzed,

It all just seems too perfect,

What if I’m just hypnotized,

It’s difficult to accept.

That someone so wonderful,

Could ever love me wholly,

And it makes me wonder-still,

If I could be her only.

Tumbling down

Tumbling down love, together,

Joined never to be parted,

There could not be another,

None like you so kind hearted.

Love let’s get lost evermore,

Into your eyes I’ve fallen,

Not resisting anymore,

Love I can hear you calling.

Your love your lips enthralling,

Walls around my heart crumbling,

From the world we’re withdrawing,

In eachothers arms tumbling.

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