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July 2021


Adieu my love, fair-thee-well,

Who knows when we’ll meet again,

A glimpse of you, my-heart-swells,

Your laugh to me, sweet champagne.

We’ve never met, nonetheless,

I am completely consumed,

I wish you no unkindness,

Only that your heart abloom.

Captured, I am enchanted,

I just pray you feel it-too,

Do as our hearts commanded,

Never again say “Adieu”.

Under the oak tree

Under we fall together,

In my arms love, you belong,

Your hand in mine forever,

Under the oak hark birdsong.

We fall in love easily,

It comes as second nature,

Only for us dreamily,

My lover, sweetest stranger.

I’ll embrace you carelessly,

For your lips love, I hunger,

Your eyes pierce me gorgeously,

Waves of love drag us under.

The two crowns

Kingdom for us sequestered,

Just you and I love alone,

The world outside remembered,

But cast aside love, postponed.

Love our only sustenance,

Your lips all that I’ll consume,

And live in sweet opulence,

Never leaving the bedroom.

I’ll follow you wherever,

Damn time and all its wisdom,

We’ll dare to love forever,

In our eternal kingdom.

Crying isn’t enough

Enough, you are everything-

I dreamed and so much besides,

I feel myself spiralling,

Call, I’ll be at your bedside.

I feel our hearts opening,

But just ever so slowly,

Your arms warmest homecoming,

Give myself to you wholly.

Sometimes we may disagree,

But my love please don’t rebuff,

There’s no one else, nobody-

On earth I could love enough.

The other side

Divine, our love unearthly,

By now it’s beyond doubting,

Fire inside burns perversely,

And shows no signs of outing.

I love you most certainly,

As the sun falls and rises,

A kiss would be heavenly,

The lips of mother Isis.

Your love precious emerald,

Like your eyes, our hearts entwine,

All the angels assembled,

To make a love most divine.

Call to arms

Calling, your arms awaiting,

I must be dreaming surely,

The feelings not abating,

I’m clinging to it dearly.

Your smile deep down awakens,

Something good that I forgot,

A soul who’s love embraces,

As pure as each small raindrop.

Your smile is sweet perfection,

Tried to hold on but falling,

I long for your affection,

I think I hear you calling.

The morning after

Morning my love awakened,

I’ll kiss your lips so sweetly,

Hold you, pray this never-ends.

Fitting together neatly.

My love you are beautiful-

Beyond words, your eyes transfix,

Our love could be musical,

The wall of your heart conflicts.

But I won’t be disheartened,

Inside I feel this yearning,

Love that won’t be discarded,

So it can wait til morning.

One becoming

Become more than fantasy,

My love I feel you nearing,

Before you was agony,

Now birds are all I’m hearing.

Kiss your lips pure elation,

My hand on your cheek, rapture,

My chest a warm sensation,

I’m yours now, you’re my captor.

I would die so happily,

I’d smile sweetly and succumb,

If I held you wantonly,

Musing on what we’d become.

Saying goodbye

Goodbye my love forever,

Your memory torn and faded,

I still try to remember,

I cling to it as sacred.

Despite your cold callousness,

Your visage I still adore,

My faith in you blasphemous,

My devotion I abhor.

Still I see you everywhere,

In the corner of my-eye,

Hounded, maimed by deep-despair,

Yet I still can’t say goodbye.

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