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June 2020

All I’ve ever known

Every breath there’s life,

They’ll pronounce us man and wife,

Now and evermore.

Once you’ve found your thrill,

I’d chase you up the hill, now-

And all throughout time.

Now my memory,

What was once a fantasy,

All I’ve ever known.

Carried his love away

Fading, clinging desperately,

To light that chases shadows,

To love that shines disparately,

Sinking into the shallows.

By your lips held captivate,

Your eyes light up my darkness,

A kiss that would culminate,

Devotion to your likeness.

When I hold you seamlessly;

In a strangers heart wading,

Lean against me weightlessly,

Into you, my love, fading.

Fade Into You

Take a breath thats true

To the hold the hand inside you

You go in shadows.

You’ll come apart and…

Some kind of night, your darkness

Colours your eyes with…

I think it’s strange that…

I want to fade into you,

Strange you never knew.


C’était pas de l’ennui

J’étais un peu fatiguée

Les lumières dansaient

C’était les reflets

Elles éclairaient ses yeux

D’une femme à la peau…

Je suis rentrée tard

Je me souviens au fond

Que de sa tendresse.

Queen of swords

Mother thou art nakedly-

My right and purest chalice,

Let none challenge sacristy,

Honesty and warmth balanced.

In dreams I cling desperately,

The faintest hint of pleasure,

To bask in your empathy,

To want for nothing never.

Dear, I pray your indulgence,

Nay let me stew and suffer,

Lest dreaming peek refulgence,

Have mercy divine mother.

Show me how

Show me how you care

Tell me why your hands are cold

Show me how you smile.

Show me how you’re proud,

Tell me how you reach the moon,

My heart fell to love.

I’m turning around,

I’m having visions of you,

Then I understand.


Shelter me my beloved,

From the storm and from sorrow,

In your embrace behoved,

Never begged, stole or borrowed.

Romance the woods celebrate,

My love, my winter dryad,

A face pure and delicate,

Standing before me unclad.

Your hair long and beautiful,

Around our children felter,

A love true and bountiful,

In your bosom we’ll shelter.

Seasick, yet still docked

Wish i knew the way

to reach the one I love

But there is no way.

And all of my life

No one gave me anything

No one has ever.

My love is as sharp-

As a needle in your eye,

you must be a fool.

Upon waking

Embrace me thus unflinching,

Our hearts and souls knit, wedded

Love, give yourself uninching

Divine tapestry threaded.

My love, I’m yours candidly

For you, I hold back nothing

Prostrate open handedly

In you, my heart I’m trusting.

You, I’ll follow resolute

To our souls holy birthplace

Earth nor sky no substitute

For your rapturous embrace.

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