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New demon

Lover, dreaming endlessly,

Of someone brusque who nurtures;

Someone that loves carelessly,

Through the past and all futures.

Your eyes deepest evergreen,

Your hair a long rich raven,

A soul pure and crystalline,

Your heart a home and haven.

A flutter, small explosion,

Someone who’s beauty inspires,

Who’s kindness heeds devotion,

Gives me reason to respire.

To be one and everything,

My heart my wife and mother,

Souls forever tethering,

Not just another lover.

Twelfth night

Maybe just an afterthought,

Coyly testing the waters,

No rhyme to get overwrought,

Just my heart alone sought-yours.

On its face was robbery,

How then was this debt incurred?

This disdain and mockery,

That left me thusly injured.

Ever be there recompense?

When will that fateful day-be?

One day it might make-some-sense,

Til then it’s just a maybe.

Something that you never said…

Unread my heart unknowing

Left only with pure longing,

The pain inside outgrowing,

And watered every morning.

Did it all mean anything?

Some secret vital lesson,

Trying but I never-win,

To make this pain a blessing.

Thought about you everyday,

Today and on my deathbed,

All those words we’ll never-say

My poems too go unread.


Faintly, your form perseveres,

A slight echo still persists,

Your shadow cast dissappears,

But a piece of you resists.

Still I go on pretending,

That one day you will return,

What we had was unending,

And not yours alone to-spurn.

Lies I cling to desperately,

And even more so lately,

Pleas to God for clemency,

Fall on deaf ears so faintly.

Strange you never knew

Stranger, why so hard-hearted?

Not even a trite friendship,

Remained when you departed,

It all just seems so senseless.

You couldn’t see what-I-saw,

Something once in a lifetime,

To be ours now nevermore,

To fade, bitter sweet, sublime.

One day you may realise,

You missed out something major,

You’ll sit and you’ll agonise;

Why you’re still just a stranger.

Reunion in death

Renewed hallowed afterlife,

Laid bare on a stone altar,

Our love in life sacrificed,

Mortal souls make us falter.

We know not our destiny,

Our paths still remain hidden,

Likely timeless mystery,

Just lifes eternal riddle.

Perhaps we’ll yet reunite,

Only myself I delude,

God alone could make-this-right,

See this hallowed flame renewed.

At arms length

Listened, I tried everything,

Just to keep your heart transfixed,

Nothing short of worshipping,

Could keep our spirits affixed.

The birds go on tittering,

Blissfully they are unmoved,

While I sit here picturing,

A whole life that was refused.

Reached out; you were vaporous,

You told me in a vision;

Loving you was dangerous,

If only I had listened.

Poison tree

Let your honey harden me,

Oh, beautiful poison tree,

Your flower grows in me.

Let your sorrows grow,

Take away my blood and home,

Deep inside of me.

Tiny poison tree,

Eyes beautiful like my dreams,

Turn me into a…

Let me be

Why, why can’t I sleep?

Why, why won’t you let me be?

When you’re next to me?

Why, why can’t I speak?

Lies when you’re talking to me,

When you’re in my dreams?

Please, please let me be,

Why, why won’t you let me be?

Wont you let me be.

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