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Your weight on my chest

Rely on me utterly,

Put your faith in God’s design,

You guard your heart stubbornly,

I would take it to enshrine.

I will be your champion,

My chest will be your pillow,

Dream of wondrous Avalon,

Beneath a weeping willow.

I pray my love awakens,

In my arms under blue-sky,

Never tire of embraces,

On that love, you can rely.

Way out here

You want to leave me,

Will you leave me in your mind?

Think of me some time.

You want to keep me,

Will you help keep me alive?

Cause suicides too…

Too much on my mind,

Cause the way I am wont change,

Til I stop asking.

Pagan Hearts

Open, my heart unburdened,

A gift for you love, only,

Our fate not yet determined,

To take and love you boldly.

Give me your hand beloved,

Let me kiss your lips softly,

And make us both believers,

In purest love so costly.

Leave not those words unspoken,

Your eyes the deepest ocean,

The chain of fate unbroken,

To me your heart must open.

God of Ravens

Fickle heart so tremulous,

Fear not the god of ravens,

No spite, wrath nor petulance,

Only the sweetest avens.

I sought your hand earnestly,

And yet you still pull away,

To wait for you faithfully,

Until that fated someday.

Open our hearts utterly,

A flood not just a trickle,

The truth not mere flattery,

The tides of love less fickle.

Well I wonder

Well I wonder, do…

Do you hear me when you sleep?

I hoarsely cry, why?

Well I wonder, do..

Do you see me when we pass?

I half die, gasping…

Somehow still alive,

Fierce last stand of all I am,

Please keep me in mind.


Patience tempers devotion,

I make a solemn promise,

The tempest your emotion,

I weather for you goddess.

Anguish not my sacrifice,

For it’s not at all selfless,

By your side sits paradise,

Without you I drift helpless.

Without you I’m incomplete,

Longing to hear your cadence,

My dreams dark and bittersweet,

Learning to value patience.

Last night I dreamt…

Last night I dreamt that…

Just another false alarm,

… that somebody loved.

Last night I felt real…

No hope, no harm, false alarm,

…real arms around me.

So tell me how long,

This story is old I know,

Before the last one?

And not to yield

Deny me not companion,

I know you think me foolish,

To love with such abandon,

All other paths prove fruitless.

Go and leave a mystery,

To whom your heart doth belong,

Your beauty, your witchery,

For me it plays its swan-song.

Naught a hair of accidence,

What went right and then awry,

No devils trite impishness,

Your ruby lips would deny.

I have forgiven Jesus

But Jesus hurt me,

When he deseted me, but

I have forgiven.

I was a good kid

Carried my heart in my hand,

Do you understand?

Why give me so much?

When there’s no one I can turn,

To unlock this love.

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