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A kiss under the parasol

A kiss, just one, requited,

With the one my heart belongs,

I’ll die like that, delighted,

No more of those sad love-songs.

Tighter, never releasing,

My arms around you squeezing,

A warmth inside unceasing,

Defences slowly easing.

Your sweetness so addicting,

And if the Gods so permiss,

Without the stars conflicting,

We’ll meet again for A-kiss.

Heart stolen

Stolen, my long suffering,

You make my heart feel lighter,

Deep down there’s a fluttering,

Long buried light shines brighter.

Your warmth, your smile, entrancing,

Drawn like a moth to kindling,

Infinite souls romancing,

Aeons past without dwindling.

It feels so all consuming,

With longing my heart swollen,

Filled for you and full-blooming,

My heart given, not stolen.

The evening star sacred to lovers

Sacred starry evening,

Relished by star-crossed lovers,

Feelings slowly deepening,

As the moon gently hovers.

I thought you had forgotten,

Those nights, longing cast aside,

The truest love begotten,

Two stars destined to collide.

Still they linger, memories,

Completion almost tasted,

Life of distant reveries,

I’ll cherish them as sacred.

The lovers in the garden

Garden, we walked regardless,

Together we were carefree,

Love was easy and-wordless.

Moments lost with sweet Marie.

What if I was different?

Would it still be so easy?

Or tossed like a cigarette,

Not knowing makes me queasy.

One more chance or a-thousand,

Just once I beg your pardon,

He holds your hand then bows-and…

We’ll always have the garden.

Love detail

Detail, slight and missable,

Eyes so big, warm and charming,

Lips, beautifully kissable,

A manner I find disarming.

Your smile a warmth exuded,

Touches my heart so slightly,

To be lost or held tightly.

The unknown soon concluded,

What beauty and secrecy-

Do those hazel eyes entail,

It haunts my thoughts ceaselessly,

To know the finest detail.

It was in may

It-was something surprising,

Could it be ships passing?

Or love from dreams arising?

A sense of regret massing.

In my dreams I’m caressing-

Your hair, neck softly kissing,

Everything else suppressing,

Reminder of what I’m missing

Beauty that of goddesses,

Still she denies it because,

Heart is full of modestness,

I still can’t tell what it-was.

The Tryst

Something slight and wonderful,

Just out of reach it dances,

Hearts pleasantly under-full,

Exchanging longing glances.

Kiss those lips pure fantasy,

Feelings so deeply buried,

Perhaps love sweet actually,

On its wings softly carried.

This feeling so elusive,

Your beauty I find haunting,

My daily thoughts intrusive,

I know there must be something.

At my elbow

Slipping into nothingness,

I think about you often,

Must be some kind of-sickness,

Pain never seems to soften,

It lingers still, hauntingly,

Looming over so faintly,

Coating all things dauntingly,

And even more so lately.

Seems like a dream diluting,

My sanity still gripping,

All common sense refuting,

I feel myself still slipping.

Garden of eden

Perfect, nearest perfection,

Was it me or was something-

Missing? Faintest reflection,

On the elusive one-thing.

To me it felt meaningful,

If just for that one moment,

Love is one such vehicle,

If given time to foment.

Maybe I’m wrong completely,

I’m just trying to deflect,

As my heart fails effetely,

It’s my fault it’s not perfect.

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