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October 2021

Hold you closer

Holding on but just-dreaming,

Imagining faint traces,

Pray the fates are convening,

So we can press our faces.

To kiss your skin delighting,

In your smell and your fondness,

A fire inside igniting,

Something real love, that bonds-us.

Dreaming of you forever,

My arms around you folding,

If we could be together,

I’d never stop from holding.

Take the breath that’s true

Taken, my heart wistfully,

I love you more with each-day,

With you it feels differently,

We can just skip the foreplay.

In my arms love, everyday,

On waking, softly breathing,

You’re mine now in every-way,

My arms around you squeezing.

Head on your chest blissfully,

My heart rightfully shaken,

Our love in its infancy,

Even so, I’m yours, taken.


Hidden you’re my stowaway,

We can drink to your good-health,

Just let the world fall-away,

Love, I’ll keep you to myself.

Stay by your side forever,

I’ll never leave you wanting,

Wrap you up in cold-weather,

My arms around you fawning.

Fallen for you hopelessly,

By Cupid’s arrow bitten,

Sequestered soon cozily,

From the world we’ll be hidden.

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