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January 2022

Returning home

Homeward, I am returning,

For in my heart lies yearning,

For a heart more discerning,

Something missing each morning.

Alone I wake shuddering,

Holding you I feel relief,

From a pain long suffering,

A momentary reprieve.

Just say it, say anything,

I’ll be there with a lone-word,

Something unseen tethering,

Guiding both of us homeward.

The riddle of the reluctant rake

Beauty why so reluctant?

Do tell me, was it something?

Why you can’t be consistent,

If only it was one-thing.

Our eyes meeting chasedly,

A touch of your hand barely,

Our skin touching nakedly,

A love spoken of rarely.

These feelings so persistent,

To chase them seems my duty,

However you’re resistant,

In that I find some beauty.

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