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August 2020

When first we meet

Upon our first rendezvous,

Our fated spirits meeting,

Whence our lips touch, dejavu,

However be it fleeting.

Your hand in mine homecoming,

Our fates forever entwined,

The tides of love succumbing,

By God and faeries designed.

To touch your lips transcending,

In our hearts a whole kingdom,

A world that is unending,

Shared pillow to dream upon.

My dearest love

These tears I’m wailing,

I spill not without reason,

My dearest love my…

Take me to the place,

Where the grotesquely lonely,

I’ve been dreaming of.

I’ve hung on, hung on

Please, please be mine dearest love,

For one hundred years.

In passing

Passing it seems fatefully,

To love and long and sever,

To please God most greatfully,

To touch your lips not ever.

Brush so close our destiny,

But choose only the mundane,

Love stretching through history,

What wonders it could contain.

Relinquish your attachments,

Hear Angel’s trumpets massing;

Heralding our contentment,

Or else resigned to passing.

Four ways to love

Stranger still a resonance,

A link that remained unseen,

Our hearts held fast tremulous,

A song to our souls serene.

Love that defies expression,

That is but one and many,

All things at our discretion,

Lover, friend to make merry.

In you I find confidence,

Share my heart without danger,

We float on God’s providence,

Put your hand in mine stranger.

Selfish lover

All your little quirks,

I swear to God I need ya,

Yeah I’m quite strange too.

Thinking tomorrow,

The places you want to go,

Without you I can’t…

A selfish lover,

The last heart you’ll uncover

Never no other.

Ancient love

Grateful, I am beholden,

Love through time and space echoed,

Through God I am emboldened,

To him I feel a debt-owed.

Please my love wouldst remember,

Our spirits were once married,

To this we must surrender,

My love, be you not worried.

I have come not roguishly,

To steal more than my plateful,

Your love and your progeny,

For that I am most grateful.

Become the warm jets

Oh I can heart it

When that old song starts to play

Just cutting through me

In familiar ways,

The useless seems to matter,

Consumed and enthused

All that came before,

Give me everything I need,

Or enough to sleep.

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