Green Sunday, by Ryk Brink, is a zombie comedy book unlike anything you’ve ever read before. Prepare to immerse yourself in the darker side of the internet!
When TJ, a fat neckbeard small time youtuber living with his mom met a strange girl in his one note town, he thought his luck was changing. What he didn’t know, on her heels were a deepweb gameshow bent on bringing his hick mountain town to its knees, just for sport.
Unleashing flesh hungry, zombies, feral survivors and monstrous abortions of science onto his once peaceful town. TJ is forced to embrace his own fantasy and play a sick game for a hungry internet audience, get the girl, kill the bad guys and save what remains of his burning town or failing that just himself, his mother and his collection anime figures.
“There’s nothing else quite like this!”
W. Hemmings – Author, Talking To Gravestones
“…its razor-edge imagery is hauntingly precise…  this style is deliciously juxtaposed with the irreverent, open wound that is Ryk’s sense of humour and is what gives this particular zom-pocalyse novel such a refreshing feel.”
L. Abbott – Author, Nescada – Kindler of Flames
“Katanas and Cheese Graters! ‘Green Sunday’ is not only a fresh take on the whole Zombie Apocalypse shebang, it also dares to abandon the gritty seriousness of more recent incarnations for a return to Romero-style satire and humour.”
Florian Maier – Author, Wayward Salvation
A game of life and death with a twist… looks like some kind of manic pixie dream girl story but instead it turns into so much more.”
Alexander Skel – Author, Void Walker
Available in eBook and paperback. and now Audiobook!
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Tales from tormented minds, Mad Like Me has 17 stories written around the central theme of madness or tormented minds. All proceeds will be donated to a Houston area organization that helps Vets with PTSD.
Featuring these stories
Charlie’s Imagination by Jack Kelly
Section 8 by Michael Peirce
Invisible Disabilities by Kevin Phillips
The Lies of Dr. Benson by Grivante
Ghayz (Wrath) by Jamie Northam
Just Plain Crazy by Sylvia Freeman
Fugue States by Valerie Lioudis
Silent Madness by T.D. Ricketts
Three Day Weekend by Ryk Brink
Mist on the Moors by T.D. Ricketts
Cracked Faces by Harold Delaney
The Speed of Boredom by Jon Cronshaw
Unfit by Sylvester Barzey
A Dog Named Eee by Stan Faryna
The Phillips House by Arthur Mongelli
The Maddening by Richard Restucci
Prantagonism by Javan Bonds
Lost Soul by T.D. Ricketts

Available in paperback and kindle right here Mad Like Me