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July 2020

Our greater selves

Glory my love, reverence,

To kiss thine lips I adore,

To weigh lust with temperance,

To give life, divine succor.

Your eyes wide and bountiful,

Your heart the deepest wellspring

Your soul pure and fanciful,

Your lips a muted bee-sting.

For you I will champion,

A life of noble story,

With you, our days halcyon,

To live in timeless glory.

Thieves like us

It’s always the same,

Watched your face for a long time,

In the pouring rain.

It dies so quickly

Only thing worth living for

It grows so slowly.

Oh but it’s called love,

It’s called love, love, love love love,

It belongs to us.


Sleeper you must awaken,

For your true love is waiting,

Her faith in love unshaken,

A kiss divine, worth fating.

I’ve come my love, forever,

Beside me here, sit awhile,

Our bond none could dissever,

Our union none could defile.

Nay this world nor avalon,

No one could love you deeper,

Your face, last I lay-eyes-on,

One more time cherished sleeper.


Follow this path becoming,

Our right and truest persons,

This blessed love homecoming,

Before our longing worsens.

Sinking, fading, fastening,

Our spirits melding, fusing,

A future we’re fashioning,

Whence we were gladly losing.

Those lives freely sacrifice,

On the altar we hallow,

Stars, moon, we your acolyte,

Guide us and we shall follow.

Killing moon

So soon you’ll take me

Under blue moon I saw you

Up against your will-

Fate, through thick and thin,

So cruelly you kiss me,

Lips a magic world.

Sky all hung with jewels,

The killing moon comes too soon,

Too late to beg you.

A world brand new

Slowly it is unveiling,

A world that we birthed anew,

Where peace and love prevailing,

Flooding our every sinew.

I long for your perspective

To see the world rose tinted,

To hang on your invective,

To feel your warmth just hinted.

This world we’ll find together

Trusting eachother wholly,

Finding our home wherever,

This path we tread so slowly.

Angel angel, down we go together

I know they take and-

leave nothing real in return,

but when they’ve used you-

And they’ve broken you,

and wasted all your money

I’ll be there for you.

Angel, don’t take your…

But I love you more than life,

Love you more than life.

With the potion

Sinking ever spiralling,

She’s afraid to lose control,

As our doubts are quieting,

Your love I wouldst not cajole.

Need for you is maddening,

I carry it now always,

Something greater channelling,

Lead to you, my heart ablaze.

Please don’t bare me scournfully,

Thou art the potion drinking,

Love I long for urgently,

Not lost nor drowning, sinking.

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