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Wake me up at dawn

Clinging to you desperately,

Alas I was but dreaming,

I hold myself  dreadfully,

To stop myself from screaming.

Nights silence is deafening,

Its loudest when I’m alone,

Feelings inside deadening,

Without even strength to-moan.

But it seemed so palpable,

I could hear your heart singing,

Tricked again, so gullible,

Wake to my pillow clinging.


Lament, my oath unfulfilled,

My heart shall not be replete,

My pain it goes unconcealed,

How I’ll never be complete.

Without doubt I’m defeated,

I wallow in your vestige,

Reached out but you retreated,

Now I’m your divine hostage.

It seems that I’m transparent,

My prayers to you are unsent.

You’ve seen through my sacrament,

And all I have is lament.

Cur 2 Chapter 14 ‘She’s still suffering’

Outside Ethniu’s window in her tower on the dreaded Tory isle, a storm brew over the horizon. But her body was too weak for her to lift her head.

A cool white hand touched the Fomorian princess’s forehead above her one beautiful eye as she lay in her bed.

“You’re temperature” Birog said. Her hand slowly and gently snaked under the princess’ silken bed linen and came to rest under them on her mounded belly. Soft it was to the touch, but also firm with child. The belly hummed with an energy Birog had felt only in her dreams. She drew her hand away and said nothing. She turned to a small basin next to the princess’s bed where a sea sponge rested, soaking up the pure luke warm water in the bowel.

Birog wrung the sponge out and began to gently dab the princess’ forehead.

“The quickening draws near” She whispered.

“But my father” The girl gasped “When he finds out-!”

“Your father will never know until it is too late, I have seen it” Birog said coldly, certainly, as she dabbed the the girl’s worried brow. “He cannot see that hiding you in this tower also hides you from his sight. He believes you are ill as I have lead him to do so and thus I can care for you and hide the child of prophecy from him, my part in all this.”

The girl had been slightly prone and tense and now with some disagreeableness she lay down. Still awkwardly staring out the window at the churning clouds, feeling them as if they were in her belly not in the sky at all. “What will become of me seer? What is my part after the prophecy? Will I be free?”

“Your destiny is not written my dear, no one can say, not even I”


Watch me unravel,

I’m me, me be, goddamn I…

I’ll soon be naked.

Lying on the floor,

Oh no, it go, it gone, bye,

I have come undone.

Hold this thread as I…

Who I, I think, I sink and…

As I walk away.

la bell dame sans merci

Madame I do beseech-you,

Would you take my heart in-hand?

Kisses sweet as honey-dew,

Please, more than I could withstand.

Your eyes hide blessed charity,

Lips that are ripe for plucking,

Your voice is sweet clarity,

That I’d compare to nothing.

Beauty there and innocence,

To touch your skin would madden,

Or bring serene blissfulness,

I leave that to you Madame.

Hold the hand inside you

Inside there’s faint whispering,

Of something lying dormant,

Something small that’s flickering,

Ever so slowly forming.

What it is I dare-not-say,

But it cannot go ignored,

Or else it might fade-away,

And never to be explored.

Perhaps thinking wistfully,

Impossible to define,

Perchance we just kissed-fully,

It needn’t be locked inside.

I’m so lonesome I could cry

Train is whining low,

I’m so lonesome I could cry,

Time goes crawling by.

See a robin weep,

When the leaves begin to die,

Lost the will to live.

Silent falling star,

It lights up a purple sky,

Wonder where you are.

Piece of heaven

Pieces that I’ve collected,

All that’s left of you lingers,

They’ll never be connected,

Plucked away by thin fingers.

I’d have given anything,

Just to feel your warm embrace,

To feel our hearts opening,

As I gazed upon your-face.

It would’ve been heavenly,

Standing in the rain kisses,

Instead hearts fall heavily,

And all that’s left is pieces

Slowly goes the night

Slowly goes the night,

So lover, lover goodbye,

Hang my head and cry.

With my trembling hand,

I trace the ghosts of your bones,

I toss and I sweat.

Yeah dark is my night,

But sleep brings you back to life,

Darker is my day.

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