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Force of nature

Coming, a force unrivaled,

Power that can’t be denied,

The world we know unravelled,

And then simply brushed aside.

What sits in place thereafter,

Of this none can be certain,

To try and court disaster,

But let not fall the curtain.

What waits beyond shambhala?

A love so pure and numbing,

To stay awhile, inshallah,

And know the waves are coming.

Selfish lover

All your little quirks,

I swear to God I need ya,

Yeah I’m quite strange too.

Thinking tomorrow,

The places you want to go,

Without you I can’t…

A selfish lover,

The last heart you’ll uncover

Never no other.

Ancient love

Grateful, I am beholden,

Love through time and space echoed,

Through God I am emboldened,

To him I feel a debt-owed.

Please my love wouldst remember,

Our spirits were once married,

To this we must surrender,

My love, be you not worried.

I have come not roguishly,

To steal more than my plateful,

Your love and your progeny,

For that I am most grateful.

Killing moon

So soon you’ll take me

Under blue moon I saw you

Up against your will-

Fate, through thick and thin,

So cruelly you kiss me,

Lips a magic world.

Sky all hung with jewels,

The killing moon comes too soon,

Too late to beg you.

Fade Into You

Take a breath thats true

To the hold the hand inside you

You go in shadows.

You’ll come apart and…

Some kind of night, your darkness

Colours your eyes with…

I think it’s strange that…

I want to fade into you,

Strange you never knew.

Queen of swords

Mother thou art nakedly-

My right and purest chalice,

Let none challenge sacristy,

Honesty and warmth balanced.

In dreams I cling desperately,

The faintest hint of pleasure,

To bask in your empathy,

To want for nothing never.

Dear, I pray your indulgence,

Nay let me stew and suffer,

Lest dreaming peek refulgence,

Have mercy divine mother.


Became someone else,

I ran away from myself,

Just noise and decay.

Gave up all my pain

I fell in love with the rain

I didn’t need it.

I’d be better off

Two thousand light years away

chipping away at…

The lovers

Possessed I toss restlessly,

Aphrodite calls dreaming,

Whispered to me breathlessly;

The truth of love worth deeming.

A search that seemed unending,

The goal my hearts last reprieve,

She waits for me intending-

To bore my true love conceive.

Dream love you are beautiful,

I’ve come far at your behest,

Her voice proud and musical-

We sink together, possessed.

I love you so

I just need someone

In my life to give structure

All the selfish ways

That I spend my time

But I can’t deal with lovers

Saying I’m the one

But I love you so.

But your actions speak louder

You’re everything.

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