Green Sunday, by Ryk Brink, is a zombie comedy book unlike anything you’ve ever read before. Prepare to immerse yourself in the darker side of the internet!
When TJ, a small time internet show host with his head in the clouds, met a strange green-haired girl in his secluded mountain town, he thought his luck was changing. Unfortunately, on her heels was a collection of sociopaths determined to destroy his hometown for the benefit of a deepweb gameshow’s cameras.
And everyone in the town is an unwilling contestant.
Forced to live out his fantasies for unseen internet viewers, TJ must play along so he can kill the bad guys, fight monstrous scientific abominations, get the girl, and save what remains of his burning town. Failing that, at least himself, his mother, and his collection of anime figures.
Available in eBook and paperback. Audio coming soon!
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FutureQuake Press

I wrote a short horror story for Future Quake called ‘The Warm Welcome’, a Lovecraftian story inspired by the care home for the mentally ill that opened up across the road from me. Especially pleased since my story made the front cover, that was a nice surprise. Really enjoyed working on it and meeting Dave Evans, he was a great editor to work for, very friendly and accommodating.


Jeffrey Dahmer and Greg

Jeffrey Dahmer and Greg is a black comedy webcomic strip about everyone’s favourite cannibal and his clueless room-mate.

From the twisted minds of Florian Maier and Ryk Brink.


Three Ring Samurai

Roll up roll up, one and all, young and old, see the dogface boy, the bearded lady, the strongman, lobster girl, see a man bite the head off of a chicken if you have the stomach.

Have your fortune read, paint your face, be a clown prince for a day but don’t forget to attend the main event.

Roll up roll up, get away from me kid ya bother me, roll up roll up, young and old step under the big top to find the justice of the wastes, where bone and steel meet.

Since the dawn of time man has known true justice with stone or stick and blood washed over the land in a cleansing fire, that same rite you will see before your own eyes when you step under the big top!


3 Ring samurai is a dieselpunk story about a decaying wasteland that is brought lumbering into civilisation by a travelling circus that seeks to bring some semblance of old world law and order to the steaming mixing pot of humanity that remains crawling over the earth. Bringing visitors from miles around to its coliseum where blood is offered up to lady justice for a hungry audience of the wastelands denizens so they can learn what true justice is.

Pookie is a clown samurai, an imperial guard of the De-facto circus shogunate. After years of serving and dispatching criminals in the arena Pookie is double crossed and left for dead in the wastes.

His journey begins and he must fight through waves of his former ‘colleagues’ trained in the arts of entertaining death known as the ‘tarot’. To save his own life and free the wasteland from the tyranny of his former gang.



Bat Country

“…But our trip was different. It was a classic affirmation of everything right and true and decent in the national character. It was a gross, physical salute to the fantastic possibilities of life in this country—but only for those with true grit. And we were chock full of that.” – Hunter S. Thompson.

Inspired by TV shows like Twin Peaks and Man Vs Food, books like Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas and Drive and movies like Oldboy and Mulholland Drive.

Art By Florian Maier
Written By Ryk Brink

A strange man in a strange place is being hunted by a pair of odd henchmen across a dystopian American landscape, but why, who and more importantly when?
Ah who cares? Let’s eat…

Follow Ransom as he walks the earth like Caine in Kung fu looking for…?
Well he’s …
Yeah he’s competing in eating contests all across the desert to hopefully devour the American dream in one big bite!

Get ready to meet the most nonsensical
cast of characters ever to be written into a comic on a satirical journey across America’s harshest dreamscape, who thought enlightenment would be this hard?

So strap on cowpokes it’s gonna be a bumpy ride.