Yes, yes I do.

Not really up to much right now, got some work happening in my house, water and power being turned off intermittently to drive me nuts but besides that and the complete smouldering wreck that is my love life everything is ok. The mailing list is growing slowly but surely. Given another month I should be well and truly into the triple digits and that’s great, don’t even have a book out officially and I already have a substantial mailing list just giving away free ebooks and review copies.

The little marketing I’ve read seems to have helped me enough to make some slow but arduous progress.
I also recently caught the eye of someone who owns a small press indie publisher type thing who obviously wants fifty percent of my royalties but honestly any leg up is a boon to me right now. I’d be willing to take a hit like that if it could be a stepping stone for me.

I’ve always told myself it’s not so much money I’m after as much as total global domination haha. And I can’t do that if only a handful of people are reading my contagious insanity, so if this guy can help me get my books in people’s hands that can only be a good thing even if I need to make a deal with the devil. Any help is welcome, come devils, come dancers, come donner and blitzen.

Oh yeah of course the point of this pointless blog, mainly just to show my infinite memeing skills, look at that header image and marvel at how culturally relevant I am. See I know mems, I make the mems, I dream the mems, I am the mems! I have all the keks. All your keks are belong to me.

Ok so seriously, had quite a few people approach me for review copies, gave them pdfs which apparently shitty for kindles so I changed it to a mobi file which I had to send them all again. Looking into paying a service to find me more launch day reviewers. Actually I think I’ll do that today.

No movement as yet on the cover, we’re still messing with fonts and the back cover and the spine of the book, should have further updates next week.

As always if you want a review copy just go to my contact page and find me on facebook or twitter, not minds because you can’t send files on there for some reason, or just send me your email address.

Join my mailing list for a free ebook, that’s Ladies Close Your Eyes not Green Sunday, you don’t have to review LCYE haha, it’s just free for joiners.

If you just join my mailing list you won’t get the review copy because I can’t send everyone on my mailing list a review copy because no one will buy it when it comes out haha. So just hit me up directly and you’ll get one. You have to contact me directly so I can make sure we stay in contact and you post the review when it’s needed.

Enough rambling, planning a few more reviews of shows maybe, mostly just psyched about writing more GS2 and planning my next series, forming in my head. Weirdly another female lead show, just a coincidence I assure you haha.

Peace out people, see you spacecowgirls…