Well, well, well, new cover, new day, new shoes, I’m not wearing shoes. That was just a moment, it’s gone now.

As you can see got some updates on ze font of the cover, and frankly I’m amazed how well it pulls the cover together, it’s surprising how much difference a font can make. It was missing something and now it’s not.

Oh in other news, sold the rights to GS to a small press indie pub called Muddy Boots Press, so there’s that. So technically I’m going to be professionally published, that reminds I should be signing the contract today, instead all I’ve been doing is shitposting, refraining from whining about my single status because that is not a viable strategy haha. Little tip to the guys that read this, sympathy is not a good catalyst for a relationship and thirsty doormats get walked all over. So stay cool, get used to loneliness haha.

See books, random shit and dating advice.
Ok so still giving out advanced/beta copies for reviewers, I’ll have a set day for launch after I get the contract sorted for muddy boots. Maybe a little more work on the cover, another edit would be nice, there’s also an audiobook on the cards, which is awesome.

That’s pretty much it, still shilling the free ebooks and the advanced copies, so should launch soon and I may make some cash, oh also like 20k into the sequel and having a blast frankly, it’s turning out really well and now with this publisher behind me it should roll out a lot quicker.

Check out some of the alternate covers below, you can obviously guess which one is my favourite haha.

Peace out.