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Not a big sci-fi guy but it carries itself.

Honestly sci-fi to me just goes over my head. There’s just so many words I just glance at or skim past because it’s filled with words that mean nothing outside of the context of the world it’s in. So the prologue put me off as a reader because I’m just like; ‘Woah that is a word salad of stuff I’ll never remember’.
But the style is sticking close to star wars and I can see how that fits sci-fi but in any other genre that’s telling when you should be showing, it’s a word dump. It’s straight up spoonfeeding, here have some backstory. It would be totally hacky in any other story but sci-fi.
It’s why fantasy and sci-fi put me off, you have to dig through so much crap to get to the actual story which is always about people, all stories are when you boil it down. It’s about love or revenge, it just depends how you dress it up and this is dressed up very well.
The writing is strong, the voice is there, the dialogue is good. It all strikes me as very professional and something I wouldn’t be surprised at doing well on shelves as an authentic book release.
So despite my ranting, I think if you like sci-fi, this is a solid piece.

If you wanna check it out, head over to the link provided.

The White Falcon