Well here it is… again haha.

It’s been a long road but it’s coming to an end now, I’m working through what should be the final edit now, we’ll be talking release schedules in a matter of weeks now and it should be going to amazon in hard and e-copies. It’s weird thinking back, I didn’t think this series would break the bank but I’ve had a lot of fun with it and now someone has taken an interest and picked it up and given it some air of legitimacy it feels real.

It’s good, its better than I could have hoped for and with book two on the way things are looking up and I’m getting really excited to launch another series and stop talking about walking corpses haha. As soon as book two of GS is done, I’m gonna barrel on ahead to doing the Dexter style thing with no fixed name yet haha. Gonna start hammering it out in earnest, really excited about that. Hopefully my publisher will like it, if not, oh well haha.

Not sure I mentioned this but I think I will go ahead and give away my nano novel to the lovely folks on my mailing list as a thankyou. So I’m gonna have that edited on the cheap, probably a few chapters a month and have it out sometime later in the year.

I hope that goes down well, its free so…

As usual, an excerpt and a link.

And of course, still giving out those advanced review copies to bloggers/reviewers/whomever.

See you…

Game Over, Man


Helicopter blades span slowly: giant, straight blender blades whipping up the thin air, making it as thick as eggs and cream, and allowing the helicopter to climb. The large ex-military chopper lumbered into flight. The chandelier inside added another metric tonne, ensuring a luxurious but unhurried flight.

Laura sat in the co-pilot’s seat, securely fastened in and wearing a headset, for full effect. She smiled at Carpenter who leaned over her seat, the gun on the headrest pointing sideways at Nigel. The aging pilot seemed to be attempting an escape by sea, gradually filling the cockpit with his sweat.

Carpenter gave a toothy grin, feeling like a pirate, an air pirate, riding into the wind, to freedom or death. What’s the difference, he thought as he squeezed the headrest and rapped his fingers across the handle of the gun. He felt a dramatic swell of emotion, as if he were hearing ‘Ride of the Valkyries’ and just over the those snow-capped mountains might be a Viet Cong rice paddy just waiting for a lick of fresh napalm.


A monitor glowed in a dark room. The image panned back on a small-town gun store with a mosaic of blood and bones out the front. A tapestry of offal and brain matter had spread over a ten-foot area.

“Well, at least he paid in advance,” Murray said with a wry laugh, choked off entirely by a stern, searching glance from Evergreen.

“Indeed,” Evergreen sighed.

“Well, you know he signed a contract? What are we gonna tell his helicopter pilot?” Murray quickly tapped away at his personal monitor’s keyboard. “That reminds me, the team guarding it haven’t reported in, err, going on fifteen minutes now. Should I send another?”.

Evergreen gave a small, breathy laugh and sucked the inside of his cheek. “Hnh, no. I’ll go. I need the exercise.” With that, he opened the mobile command centre’s door and stepped out into the bright noonday sun, allowing it to penetrate the perfect dark of the little mobile man cave.

Murray called after him, his voice trailing off as he sat alone in the half-dark. “HEY, YOU MIND closing the do- ass!”