Well here we are again folks, more good news, more beautiful art curtesy of my friend Michael Pagdon at Pagdon Illustration.

As you can see the cover has gone through some teething problems me and the good Doctor Pagdon have been working out to his great frustration no doubt haha. What can I say I like to get my monies worth and if it’s not right it’s not right. You dont get another chance to make a first impression and all those cliche’s haha. It has to be perfect and I think we’re getting close to that. It’s eyecatching but it needed a little something extra to centre the image so we added the tattoo/shirt design, playing with title and my name a little.

But hey I hope you people out there like it.

Ok so the free ebooks went out today for all those people on my mailing list and if you want to get yourself a copy and you’re not on that list I added a new form as a page on my site so you can sign up there and I’ll send you out a copy.

But the main focus of today is getting those review copies out so I have some reviews coming out on launch, which I still can’t put a date on because of the issues with the cover, but rest assure it is SOON.

If you want an advance review copy of GS just go to the contact page and talk to me via email or twitter or facebook, whatever you prefer.

Anyway peace out, hope you have a good day and checkout some of the alternate covers below for shits and giggles and all dat ass haha.