I watched this a couple of weeks ago, my ex was really into this and I saw it because it was on amazon prime and I wanted to watch some dumbshit while I made smoothies and cooked pancakes.

But I actually really liked it. The casting is good, so you have this kind of effiminate but badass satan just fucking things up for no reason but he’s on holiday.

Honestly the premise is a little silly, I didn’t read the comic but I imagine it’s not a set up for a generic buddy cop/whodunnit tv show. It’s basically set up like your standard crime show, like the mentalist or monk or any number of those shows. Basically someone done a bad murder and then the devil has to solve it with his pet police woman for reasons.

Evidently I think the set up and the style is kind of lame and has been used as a device from time immemorial but it’s an easy trap to fall into when you want to make a fun show that’s more about the characters than the actual plot. So the story is essentially filler and an excuse for the devil to do cool devil stuff. In any other context I would find this boring and annoying but the characters and the acting are actually really good so I can’t fault it for falling back on it’s strongest component. I really enjoyed watching the ‘will they wont of course they will’ back and forth between him and the sexy police woman ex-titty film star. I even enjoyed his interractions with his milfy psychologist who he pays in sex and on top of that his sexy barmade/demon/ninja. It’s just a fun sort of no brainer show like charmed or buffy. It’s not like Mr Robot or the man in the high castle (which I should also review haha), where you need to think about stuff haha. There’s no straining your little brain over this. it’s just mindless fun and it works really well as that.

I mean this is one of the main gripes I had with Preacher because both in this show and Preacher, there’s no real story, nothing really happens outside of the confines of the individual episode. An overall story isn’t progressed in any way until maybe closer to the end. But the difference is Lucifer is fun and Preacher was completely the opposite of that, it was lame edginess for the sake of lame edginess and Lucifer was just cool fun.

Basically Lucifer was everything it said it was going to be and more and I found myself enjoying and empathising with the characters and their stories. I quite literally had sympathy for the devil haha.

Kind of a short review, I really can’t think of anything more to say about it because I enjoyed it haha. I only really do big long rants when I hate something then I have lots to bemoan haha. But this was cool and if you have a free minute while you beat an egg you should go put that on in the background.