Ok well I’m back in more or less one piece, made it through the holidays and new years and back in the country at last so it is only a matter of time before my normal to routine returns, I hope.

In the mean time my publisher muddy boots is doing a book deal which includes my book so hopefully it’ll make enough money so I can release the sequel haha, have at it my dudes.

3 books for 3 bucks, plus 2 short stories for free!

January 12th-18th only!

Green Sunday (http://hyperurl.co/kcio3t) is a zombie comedy book unlike anything you’ve ever read before. Prepare to immerse yourself in the darker side of the internet! $.99/£.99

Origins of the Outbreak (http://hyperurl.co/nr0tyi) is a collection of short stories that build upon each other to tell the harrowing tale of the first few hours after a localized zombie outbreak. $.99/£.99

La Miseria di Bianco (http://hyperurl.co/tafhsa) is a paranormal detective novel that pits the forces of Catholic church against the ancient evils of our world. $.99/£.99

Guild, A Dystopian Short Story (http://hyperurl.co/ywxpcy) is a story of a boy who stood up to the most powerful government left after a global nuclear war. FREE

Unending, A Story of Turn-Based Combat (http://hyperurl.co/x0c182) is told from a soldier’s eyes as he’s trapped in a game of world conquest. FREE