This time it wasn’t for naughty words I said to little pussies or an argument that got out of control. I kind of got out of the habit of arguing with people on the internet. It’s just a time sink and its completely unproductive. I just sort of got addicted to the high of offending people. It was stupid and I’ve kicked it.

But recently I was outraged, not only by the attacks from the world’s favourite religion of peace but also by the attitude of my fellow britons in response to said atrocities.

There’s something to be said about the stiff upper lip of british people but it reaches a point where doing nothing and keeping a stiff upper lip is going to get you wiped off the face of the earth by a group of fucking savages who are killing you at alarming rates and are out breeding you ten to one to a point where in twenty years you won’t even exist and your memory will be torn down like all those monuments isis destroys. Because those that control the present control the past, and those that control the past control the future and we see now who controls the present and who you can’t criticise because of why I’m making this ranty blog post.

I literally got banned, not for saying anything racist or saying all muslims should be murdered actually fuck it, I’ll just post it. Saying this got me reported and post blocked or ‘zucced’ as it’s affectionately known for its frequent occurrence for anyone with opinions right of Marx for 30 days.

“What you guys don’t get is it isn’t even about the refugees. It’s also just the muslims who are already here. Stopping immigration wont change a thing, they all need to go, the entire ideology needs to be plucked out by the root.”

Yes this right here is the truth, we can’t co-exist with these people, not now or within a hundred years. coexistence is a fantasy because either way in the future we’ll either kick them out or be forced to do a full Hitler on them or they’ll just continue to do what they’re doing which is supplanting us and killing us. They’re replacing us and murdering us with impunity and we can’t even call out for help or ask for change without being labelled a racist or a bigot.

To stand up against islamic violence and the defence of which is hatespeech. To stand up for the mere existence of our people is a thought crime. The british people can’t even define what it means to be british anymore. Because a ‘british muslim’ who likes fish and chips and goes for a few bevvies down the pub can the next day detonate a nail bomb killing children.

They’re conquering us slowly but surely and all british people want to do is stick their head in the sands and thank Christopher Hitchens it isn’t them getting on the wrong end of a careening truck or nail bomb.

I saw so many tweets where people were virtue signalling the fact they were fine and happy and the terror attack hadn’t affected their spirits, they were proud to have held their stiff upper lip. But when does a stubborn unwillingness to allow a groups of people to harm your way of life just become nihilism and solipsism? And you’re just this pathetic insect who thinks he can hide in a pub or his own home as the circle of his freedom physical and thought is ever shrinking and more and more you just say ‘Please not me, let me just have this small tiny cube of existence’. We’re the frog in the pot and we can’t hop out.

The idea that getting angry and getting scared of terror attacks is letting them win is ludicrous. Letting them win is responding to these attacks by doing nothing. If we do nothing and we allow people to go on tv and apologise for these monsters and of course throw up the hashtags #notallmuslims we just give them the breathing room to do it again. And instead of just removing these people we crack down on everyone for fear of being called racist. Ninety year old british women getting strip searched by muslim men at the airport, this is your future britain, as farcical as it seems.

And we need to do away with this bullshit that there’s a ‘moderate islam’, it’s a fantasy there are only two types of muslims; Muslims who blow shit up and muslims who are too afraid to blow shit up but tacitly consent to blowing things up and make hashtags and media to defend islam from the valid criticism and scrutiny it requires. And one can’t exist without the other. It’s a serial killer with a really good pr team/lawyer that blames the victims for their own death. The attacks could not continue if there weren’t these thousands of people saying #notallmuslims and defending islam and shouting people down with ‘racist’ or ‘islamophobe’ their goal is to stop the scrutiny and any action taking place against islam. It’s a never-ending cycle, one blows things up, the other makes excuses that makes liberals too afraid to do or say anything about it which leads to another attack. And anyone that does take action against islam, like some idiot putting bacon on a mosque door handle, they get thrown in prison to be shanked by the mostly muslims population in the british prison system and then their ‘hatecrime’ gets reported around the world stirring up more tensions, whereas their murder is never mentioned.

Only a week later I saw a video where this ‘muslim comedian’ was talking about the Manchester bombing trying to be conciliatory while making really bad nineties jokes about where’s wally. I mean it was bad enough he wasn’t funny but he was trying to do apologia for islam as well as makes jokes in a video where he was talking about dead children. I mean I can’t comprehend the levels of detachment it could take from his ‘fellow britons’ to make such a video and not feel complete disgust for what he was doing, literally walking on the corpses of innocent children for the sake of a laugh and to make excuses for the action of a group that will continue to do this. But what makes it worse were all the people who found it hilarious, just seeing that makes me think we don’t deserve to exist as a species.

To have something so horrific and so vile happen and then on top of that not even be outraged that these people can’t stop from making excuses and jokes while the bodies are still cooling. We’re like an occupied country at this point laughing at jokes nazis make about gassing jews. ‘Oh but not all nazis gas jews, so you can’t blame them all’. Oh I’m not, Im just saying if we had zero nazis in our country there would be zero gassings.

You’re like a battered spouse making excuses for an abusive lover, it’s sad, it’s pathetic and it makes me angry and it should make you angry, but it doesn’t because you’re a coward. Even reading this you’re getting angry at me for being angry and suggesting you should do anything more than change your facebook filter to the latest town that’s been ravaged. Your idea of helping is just praying and posting hashtags and then continuing on as if nothing happened. But that hasn’t worked and it will never work and you and everyone like you will die a pointless death heaped in the irrelevance you carried with you in life.

I hate to say it, but it’s us or them and it always has been and it always will be and if you can’t see that, England and maybe every ‘tolerant’ western country is too.