Just a general update, I couldn’t really be bothered to post another chapter but I realised I hadn’t got down to any updates and I got a little sidetracked today.

So GS2 is done as you may know, working through the initial proofread now and it’s looking good, got the initial art started for the cover, editing can start soon.

GS1 is selling pretty well coming from a no name, got lots of nice reviews barring one from a disgruntled co-worker of mine who shall remain nameless and I will punish in due time. Got a sale coming up soon and the audiobook is in the pipe. GS2 should follow shortly after that, maybe a month or two after.

Two more podcasts spots on the way, going back on Zombiecast on the 29th of this month to talk about the launch, had to bribe the host of that with a free signed copy. And another spot on the 1st with the Zombie radio network, or one of their affiliates.

But more importantly and more excitingly. The plan for my Dexter spiritual successor was done as of last week and I’m going to be reviewing it and starting work on it tomorrow if the mood hits me and I’ve got a sneaking suspicion it will hit me, very hard.

Still don’t have a name downpat for it now, the working title is ‘Lovingly Crafted Lila’ but I started having doubts about the name and I was considering changing it to ‘Daisy’ or ‘Diana’ goddess of the hunt. I like Diana because of the roman/greek mythology etymology but I like Daisy just for how unassuming it is. To have a female serial killer named after a princess from mario haha. I went with Lila originally harkening back to that horrible character from Dexter, I think it was season 2, when they tried to turn the dark passenger into like a drug. Needless to say none of that was in the book and I found her character sort of pointless and annoying and that’s when the show sort of started to go downhill as it took a dive off the established ship of the books into uncharted waters of a bunch of monkey’s at type writers in LA.

I was also thinking of setting it in LA maybe, as a wink and a nod to the show and because setting it on miami would be too on the nose and because I’m an brit, I really can’t get a feel for either places having never been to them. Setting it in England was a possibility but it just doesn’t ring true and what american wants to read a book set in England? I’m English and I don’t want to read a book set in England. And to be honest, what do I even know about England, sure I live here, but what is it really to live in England, or a particular town, I don’t know and moreover who would care?
So it has to be america.

Back to the name. I went with Lila because it was similar to Lily-anne the name of Dexter’s actual child from the book but I kept thinking about Lila and how I was afraid I’d turn my character into her and that put me off and I prefer the ‘D’ sound anyway.

I’ll leave it for now, and maybe ask some people who’s opinions I trust.

Anyway, that’s pretty much it, just excitement mixed with extreme trepidation. This is the hardest part for me. The start, staring at a blank page, summoning up those emotions to paint that blank canvas, bring it to life. It’s kind of scary, but in a good way and then you get going and it just sort of flows.

See you…