Shaking off some of those holiday cobwebs now, gonna start coming down hard on these bitches that owe me art and editing haha. Coming down hard on the whole internet soon enough, especially that hive of scum and villainy known as ‘Facebook’. I will be unbanned on that piece of shit soon enough, so hi ho hi ho, off to spam I go.

Still on minds though so come and find me if you are able.

So what’s happening? Ok well gotta get the cover for GS, got two really great artists on the hook for it at the minute, the one that doesn’t get the job will do the novella instead because they’re both great, it’s just who wants it more right now.  And as you might guess, getting artists to art is a pet peeve of mine as it’s like pulling teeth. Even dangling money in the air isn’t enough to get them to return your emails sometimes.
Ok then I need to get my novella edited so I can give it away to try and get emails on my mailing list.

But and it’s a big but, got an update. I’ve been wrestling this for awhile. I was doing some work on a novella, just some fun horror, bit of goreporn you know how I do. It’s just to buy time before I decide what my next big project is gonna be and plan it out accordingly.

It was between a big fantasy shitfest aimed sort at a tween demographic and the other was a serial killer 1st person narrative that grew out of my Dexter fanfic. And then I think I was in the shower and it was just beamed into my brain. And it was ideas for a Green Sunday sequel, what a twist! A sequel to a book that isn’t even out yet officially haha.

I just couldn’t help myself, I just started coming up with all these ideas I loved and it just got gradually more appealing and I was just having fun with it and I knew it would just be such a fun time writing it I had to do it. Took me a couple of days but the plan for it basically done, just need to get this novella out of the way and maybe in two months I should be ready to make a start on it, unless I change my mind and write something else haha. The working title so far is ‘Another Sunday/Second Sunday’ Original right? haha.

Anyway, I’ve rambled enough, here’s the excerpt of chapter 14 ‘Legendary weapons’. Book will be coming out sometime this year, nebulous enough for ya haha?

As usual you can check out the full book totally for free on inkitt and I think they just came out with a mobile app so you can read it wherever with the link below.

Legendary Weapons


An obnoxious beam of light perforated the dry, dusty dark, translucent fingers of light fumbling over burnt play mats and wooden toys: simple wind-up toys melted and disfigured by a burnt-out fire. The frilly petticoats of little, cotton dolls were singed beyond repair. Cheap, plastic action figures had been curled into a praying position by a burst of intense heat. Grey and black ashes made a shifting carpet of despair. The light, brisk morning air breezed through the holes in the roof of the burnt-out nursery.

Bodies had been strung nonchalantly from the buckling ceiling of the single storey building, the beams of which were melted and twisted but remained the only things keeping the building together. The bodies, some of which were burnt, most of which were not, were fresh-looking. Some wore biker gear, some did not. Their heads were crushed or missing or pulled apart like soft pizza dough.

The bodies swayed in the delicate breeze, suspended by their feet from the steel beams in the ceiling. Exposed by the collapsing asbestos tiles, they were tied there with skipping ropes and belts and ties and anything on hand. Clear tape and shoe laces worked well, despite the noisy crinkling sounds they made as the bodies swung.

As the bodies parted, swinging free, a gargantuan, inhuman figure appeared. It hunched over a toybox turned altar.

Whispering, whispering, hoarse whispering; a sudden shrill whistling sound, followed by sharp clap, and a low rumbling shook the foundations of the building, tossing up sickly plumes of grey and black dust and ash.

“It’s time, Lamby,” Jeff said as he picked up the plush lamb from the toybox altar and shoved it gracelessly into his fanny pack. Zipping it up litigiously, he walked out of the crestfallen building.


Legendary Weapons