Socialism, not even once.


Numerous whistleblowers have come forward to expose the group owner of viral Facebook group ‘Bernie Sanders’ Dank Meme Stash‘ over corruption allegations. The owner, Will Dowd, has reportedly been filtering posts made in the 446,000 member group to contain ‘clickbait’ sites that maximise advertising revenue for self-profits. Dowd reportedly demanded a lump sum of $15,000 to completely halt the paid content being posted, and until then, charges around $150 per paid post. These figures are not confirmed, however it is confirmed that Dowd has recieved payments for posts through private messages given to Next Generation Blogs.

In most States, it is illegal to profit from another individual’s name or likeness. This means that, if the strong allegations hold true, Dowd will have broken the law and could be open to be sued by the Bernie Sanders campaign.

Through a screenshot provided by the numerous whitleblowers, the page has…

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