There’s no way to describe this other than as a very raw and personal microfiction that would undoubtedly make an interesting start or an end to a story.
It’s well written and shows an evolution of style and it evokes a wonder in the reader due to the sheer lack of context, the mind is sent reeling to fill in the blanks.
Almost torturous in it’s brevity, I hold out hope for closure.

Knicky L. Abbott

On the 10th of November, 2015, I submitted the first page of my debut novel, Nescada: Kindler of Flames for critique by the 2014 David Gemmell Legend Award winner, Mark Lawrence. He is a lovely human and a powerful author. It was an honour. Here is the page and what he had to say.

The critique came down to this: Be less indulgent and more specific, allow the character’s present experiences to tell the story rather than my often tangential authorial voice, pique questions for quality reader engagement, and create tension and characters the reader cares about from the first.

With this in mind, I penned the following piece of prose, inspired by a lovely image I had come across over the internet and was going to use in an informal flash fan fiction series here in my journal. Much gratitude to Mark for this newfound voice and direction of my writing … Enjoy 🙂


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