Straight out of the gate, if I gave a millimetre of a shit about American politics, I may be behind Bernie Sanders, he seems like a nice old dude, but I don’t so I want to see Trump win and put stripper poles in the white house and nuke Sweden.
I really don’t care, the more things change the more things stay the same in my book, and it’s always the same at the end of the day, not everyone can be happy at the same time.
So it amazes me that people can have this twinkle in their eyes for Bernie, despite years of being passed back between the two parties with a wider sorer asshole over all these years, maybe it’s just Stockholm syndrome and this new captor has a really soft voice and whispers in your ear while he robs/rapes you.
Who can tell?
But despite my indifference, I really felt for the game watching him get cuckolded by those black lives matter protestors, it was genuinely hard to watch and I actually saw a glimpse of humility in even Trump’s voice as he talked about it. Then he went back to saying he’d knock them out as is his stance on most things.

Nevertheless I watched the video of this happen and I couldn’t help thinking that this really had nothing to do with black lives and it had everything to do with narcissism and a cult like means to an end thinking. The other day it became clear to me when watching a documentary about Army of God members who shoot abortionists and burn down abortion clinics that they felt their cause was so great and ordained by god, there was nothing they could do they could not justify as being essential to the cause of stopping abortions.

The video itself is hard to watch; these idiots storm the stage, boot poor Bernie off and then continue to spout irrelevant gibberish to a bunch of people that did not come to hear this person talk while Bernie just stands off to the side like a gimp. So of course the crowd were angry and booed and then the protestors called them racist for booing. But how do you tell a self-righteous idiot it’s not because you’re black it’s because you’re being a jerk? And in doing so they silenced the only candidate that actually took part in the original civil rights movement and might actually give a shit.

But context doesn’t matter when you’re ‘fighting for the cause’. They then tried to force a two minute silence for Mike Brown, genuinely thinking the angry crowd would at the mere mention of his name, drop to ground and bow and the streets would fall silent as the grave, it’s almost painful to watch. The entitlement of these protestors is unbelievable.

It’s just selfish to hijack something that really has nothing to do with your movement and then make it all about you with some tangential link about grass roots movements, Bernie just standing there like ‘fuck, should have shot that bitch’ ;). It’s just social justice warrior bullshit, look at me, I’m oppressed, stop yelling at me, your criticism is triggering me.

So I felt I needed to make something that would draw attention to what I feel is a problem with movements like this, people just use a cause like this to elevate themselves, to feel powerful and untouchable and that they can do anything to anyone without repercussions and anyone that criticizes you is racist or sexist etc.

I’m not at all trying to say this movement is not legitimate and last I heard the blm movement was trying to get these protestors to apologise and was denouncing this action because it would hurt their movement. I just think having a movement shouldn’t give you carte blanche to be an asshole and yeah I get black lives are more important than white feels but these are the people you’re trying to win over here and how many black lives did kicking an old white guy off a stage save exactly?