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The lovers

Possessed I toss restlessly,

Aphrodite calls dreaming,

Whispered to me breathlessly;

The truth of love worth deeming.

A search that seemed unending,

The goal my hearts last reprieve,

She waits for me intending-

To bore my true love conceive.

Dream love you are beautiful,

I’ve come far at your behest,

Her voice proud and musical-

We sink together, possessed.

The kiss

Release, my hearts chastity,

In you I find my vessel;

To bask in your purity,

Your bosom I would’st nestle.

To find love so singular;

A pull, longing, most distinct,

So new yet fa-miliar

Fates wishes plain and succinct.

In your arms hearts resonate;

A touch, soft skin, soul unleash,

A kiss your heart penetrate,

You only, my love release.

The magic cup

Rightly to you everything;

My heart, soul, bitter passion,

To you my love, anything,

Our pressed skin cool and ashen.

In dreams, divine connection,

Your kissed lips and face elude,

Longing for your affection,

A bestial lust accrued.

The lovers cup communion;

Our bodies entwined tightly,

Under the stars reunion,

To me you belong, rightly.

They rose up in air

Return my love, willingly

To the stars of whom bore-us;

How they’ll gleam most brilliantly,

Whence our ancestors chorus.

Green eyes that spur obsession,

Lips that I have kissed before

Here lies a feint depression,

Where you laid and will once-more.

Our hearts and souls liberate

The mundane world hence unlearned

Spirits joined to conflagrate;

To the stars we shall return.


Entwined, our hearts Destiny;

To be one, to be divine,

Regret not thy trust-in-me.

Fear not twin souls wouldst align.

In dreams I search endlessly,

For your warmth, your heart illume;

To die again painlessly-

Under a starless, full-moon.

Mother, wife, true belonging;

Fulfilled in me, love enshrined,

Thy fate thou art prolonging;

Our spirits are yet Entwined.


I think I dreamed you

You were always there but now…

you’re a part of me.


Lips I haven’t kissed

Your beauty is haunting and…

I feel things I hid.


When I close my eyes

Sometimes you’re smiling, sometimes

I think its for me.



Plastic love

It feels so silly

I find myself missing you

forgetting the bad


You’re still in my dreams

It can’t be coincidence

But I can’t tell you.


That sweet summer rain

I thought I could replace you

but there’s no one else.


I didn’t know

I could’ve been there

I didn’t know about those-

But now it’s too late.


Only here for an hour

We wont know until it’s gone

I didn’t know you-


I’d have tried harder

To make you smile just once more

You would leave so soon.


Try to find the best

One day I’ll come to find you

Wherever you are.

As you are

There’s a part that’s mine

I won’t give it back to you

Then there’s more you’ll take

Lets take a picture

Come take anything you like

It all ends the same

Honey, I was yours…

I wont love another you

In the dark of night.

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