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Katherine, let me love you…

Accept me dear Katherine,

Though its more than I deserve,

Pierced by loves cruel javelin,

Although it feels trite, absurd.

Leave so much left unanswered,

So many things left unsaid,

Yet still I am enamored,

You linger in my bullhead.

Never false or saccharine,

I loved your every aspect,

I’d give my life, Katherine,

But you simply won’t accept.

God of Ravens

Fickle heart so tremulous,

Fear not the god of ravens,

No spite, wrath nor petulance,

Only the sweetest avens.

I sought your hand earnestly,

And yet you still pull away,

To wait for you faithfully,

Until that fated someday.

Open our hearts utterly,

A flood not just a trickle,

The truth not mere flattery,

The tides of love less fickle.

A world brand new

Slowly it is unveiling,

A world that we birthed anew,

Where peace and love prevailing,

Flooding our every sinew.

I long for your perspective

To see the world rose tinted,

To hang on your invective,

To feel your warmth just hinted.

This world we’ll find together

Trusting eachother wholly,

Finding our home wherever,

This path we tread so slowly.


Shelter me my beloved,

From the storm and from sorrow,

In your embrace behoved,

Never begged, stole or borrowed.

Romance the woods celebrate,

My love, my winter dryad,

A face pure and delicate,

Standing before me unclad.

Your hair long and beautiful,

Around our children felter,

A love true and bountiful,

In your bosom we’ll shelter.


Bles-sed divine providence,

Simple luck wouldst not afford,

No trick or mere consonance,

Love so pure could not reward.

In you, new born salvation;

A beauty ageless, replete,

We build this strong foundation,

So that we may be complete.

My love you will surrender;

Your heart before me naked,

To be mine now, forever,

Unavoidably bles-sed.

The lovers

Possessed I toss restlessly,

Aphrodite calls dreaming,

Whispered to me breathlessly;

The truth of love worth deeming.

A search that seemed unending,

The goal my hearts last reprieve,

She waits for me intending-

To bore my true love conceive.

Dream love you are beautiful,

I’ve come far at your behest,

Her voice proud and musical-

We sink together, possessed.

The kiss

Release, my hearts chastity,

In you I find my vessel;

To bask in your purity,

Your bosom I would’st nestle.

To find love so singular;

A pull, longing, most distinct,

So new yet fa-miliar

Fates wishes plain and succinct.

In your arms hearts resonate;

A touch, soft skin, soul unleash,

A kiss your heart penetrate,

You only, my love release.

The magic cup

Rightly to you everything;

My heart, soul, bitter passion,

To you my love, anything,

Our pressed skin cool and ashen.

In dreams, divine connection,

Your kissed lips and face elude,

Longing for your affection,

A bestial lust accrued.

The lovers cup communion;

Our bodies entwined tightly,

Under the stars reunion,

To me you belong, rightly.

They rose up in air

Return my love, willingly

To the stars of whom bore-us;

How they’ll gleam most brilliantly,

Whence our ancestors chorus.

Green eyes that spur obsession,

Lips that I have kissed before

Here lies a feint depression,

Where you laid and will once-more.

Our hearts and souls liberate

The mundane world hence unlearned

Spirits joined to conflagrate;

To the stars we shall return.

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