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The embrace

Closer my arms outstretching,

Wrap my arms around nothing,

Wake alone just regretting,

Praying you might feel something.

Calling out in agony,

My pain I’d wish on no-one,

Not even my enemy,

Should carry this and go-on.

I’d give my life, anything,

Just to rest on your shoulder,

Arms around you spiralling,

Begging just to be closer.


Captured my heart imprisoned,

Only for your touch longing,

Lay awake I envision;

Your heart next to mine thronging.

I wonder if providence-

Might grant us a chance meeting,

Would your arms lack hesitance?

Would there be kissing, weeping?

My thoughts of you everyday,

My head in your neck, raptured,

My home, my one hideaway,

Still yours, forever, captured.

I dreamt about her again…

Naked, our hearts unravelled,

Lips against mine so tender,

A dream, a road untravelled,

A taste of bitter splendor.

Although just a fantasy,

I felt them still, I’m certain,

I touched your heart candidly,

I peaked behind the curtain.

I felt your warmth embracing,

But then it slowly faded,

Smell of your hair displacing,

Leaving me feeling naked.

Ghost of me

Traces of you, mementos,

You hear me when you’re sleeping,

Carrying like undertows,

The sky is bruised and bleeding.

Cast aside so easily,

That time and love meant nothing,

Why guard your heart so jealously,

Inside theres naught but stuffing.

Poured out my heart, everything,

No lies, no secret places,

Love can be a deadly-thing,

Remain’s these ghostly traces.

Katherine, let me love you…

Accept me dear Katherine,

Though its more than I deserve,

Pierced by loves cruel javelin,

Although it feels trite, absurd.

Leave so much left unanswered,

So many things left unsaid,

Yet still I am enamored,

You linger in my bullhead.

Never false or saccharine,

I loved your every aspect,

I’d give my life, Katherine,

But you simply won’t accept.

God of Ravens

Fickle heart so tremulous,

Fear not the god of ravens,

No spite, wrath nor petulance,

Only the sweetest avens.

I sought your hand earnestly,

And yet you still pull away,

To wait for you faithfully,

Until that fated someday.

Open our hearts utterly,

A flood not just a trickle,

The truth not mere flattery,

The tides of love less fickle.

A world brand new

Slowly it is unveiling,

A world that we birthed anew,

Where peace and love prevailing,

Flooding our every sinew.

I long for your perspective

To see the world rose tinted,

To hang on your invective,

To feel your warmth just hinted.

This world we’ll find together

Trusting eachother wholly,

Finding our home wherever,

This path we tread so slowly.


Shelter me my beloved,

From the storm and from sorrow,

In your embrace behoved,

Never begged, stole or borrowed.

Romance the woods celebrate,

My love, my winter dryad,

A face pure and delicate,

Standing before me unclad.

Your hair long and beautiful,

Around our children felter,

A love true and bountiful,

In your bosom we’ll shelter.


Bles-sed divine providence,

Simple luck wouldst not afford,

No trick or mere consonance,

Love so pure could not reward.

In you, new born salvation;

A beauty ageless, replete,

We build this strong foundation,

So that we may be complete.

My love you will surrender;

Your heart before me naked,

To be mine now, forever,

Unavoidably bles-sed.

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