Darkly Dreaming Demographic.

Where weird shit hits bizarre fans.




I think I dreamed you

You were always there but now…

you’re a part of me.


Lips I haven’t kissed

Your beauty is haunting and…

I feel things I hid.


When I close my eyes

Sometimes you’re smiling, sometimes

I think its for me.



Plastic love

It feels so silly

I find myself missing you

forgetting the bad


You’re still in my dreams

It can’t be coincidence

But I can’t tell you.


That sweet summer rain

I thought I could replace you

but there’s no one else.


I didn’t know

I could’ve been there

I didn’t know about those-

But now it’s too late.


Only here for an hour

We wont know until it’s gone

I didn’t know you-


I’d have tried harder

To make you smile just once more

You would leave so soon.


Try to find the best

One day I’ll come to find you

Wherever you are.

As you are

There’s a part that’s mine

I won’t give it back to you

Then there’s more you’ll take

Lets take a picture

Come take anything you like

It all ends the same

Honey, I was yours…

I wont love another you

In the dark of night.

Smile like a fool

You do make me smile,

Even when I don’t want to

When I feel so gone.

Haven’t seen the sun

You make it shine in the dark

I smile like a fool

Let me fade away

I could only bring you down

Nothing without you.

Another day

The days are darker,

All that time slipping away,

I need so much.

I want your heart but

I’m too lazy to love you,

Push those feelings down.

Anger and sadness,

Always so much easier,

Then I feel nothing.

Harsh Realm

Last night I thought of…

I knew you in the harsh realm

Empty house, I’m here.


Waiting for you there

I thought about how it was

A vacant hell just…


There was a hole here

I thought about you because

the wind blows through it


I thought about you

I always think about you

Letting the time pass.

Home on the range

Parting tears my heart

You don’t even know I’m gone

What a strange feeling.

The further I get,

My emptiness grows and grows,

Until nothings left.

The sun is shining,

Of course, but I pray for rain.

To let these tears go.

What is mine.

But your love alone,

I will take without asking,

In the night I will,


What is mine shall be,

Even if it is yet known.

It waits for me still.


Those green hills stretch on,

Glistening and wet with due,

Many have laid there.

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