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Et j'ai pas le temps
de me laisser envahir

tous les faux sourires

Et j'ai tout quitté

Si j'mens j'vais en enfer
afin de te trouver

dis la vérité
Je t'ai trouvée dans la foi

enfouie là en moi

How was your day?

If your day was long

I’ll ask you how your day was

I’ll be there to ask


“What went wrong, my dear?”

You don’t have to be alone

If you seem retired


I can be your home

Only for the night if you…

I can be your fool.

It’s the rain

It’s that haunting sound

I hear your voice in the rain

Your face still hurts me.

A sweet pain savoured

I stare too long at the rain

Hard to pull away

Lying to myself

Maybe you’re thinking of me

Somehow I doubt it.

With or without you

I’m waiting for you

A sleight of hand, twist of fate

I wait, without you.


With or without you

Through the storm we reach the shore

You give it your all


I want so much more

Can’t live with or without you

With or without you.

Rain drops


When listening to the rain

My thoughts are empty.


Resoundingly so,

Thinking only of what was

But is no longer


A certain aching

Fills my heart like the rain drops.

When I think of you.


I don’t wanna be

wanna be your cigarette

or be your ash tray


You never asked me

I don’t put myself out there

I stay tucked away


I was a loner

I let you in after all..

Until I met you


How long…

I don’t know how long…

Before I can see your face,

In my restless dreams


Sometimes I see you

You’re always smiling at me

But it never lasts


I’d do anything

Just to see you for a day

How long can I wait?

Always forever

You and me always

Could stay alone together

Always forever.


You know you’ve got me

You’ve got me in your pocket

Say you’ll stay, say we’ll


Never be severed

My heart is in your locket

Always forever.

Pretty girl

Dancing in my room

I think it was about noon

Want to remember


It’s getting harder

to understand how you felt

In my hands, in my-


I was so blinded

Could you be a pretty girl?

I was such a fool.



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