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Last night I dreamt somebody loved me…

Last night I dream that…

Just another false alarm

There’s no hope, no harm.

Last night I felt some…

Someone’s real arms around me.

Just a false alarm

So tell me how long…

This story is old I know

Before the last one?

I wont share you

I wont share you, no

The drive and the dream inside

But this is my time.

I want the freedom

Oh, life tends to come and go

As long as you know.

I’ll see you somewhere

I’ll see you sometime, darling

But I wont share you.

Snow flower

Your image frozen

I know it’s not snowing there,

Still you never age.

She borrows sweet words,

But for me she steals silence,

Her heart is ice now

She wraps you in snow

She doesn’t care who she hurts,

Bitterness is all.

County line

Hoping nothings changed

Your pain is never ending

That its still the same.

You never even tried

You never tried to love me

Did I have to do?

You know I’m coming

I think I can see the lights

Cross that county line.

Mirror kisses

I’m alone again,

Only your pictures remain,

A video too.

Picturing your sky,

The one that you dream under,

Sound of the crickets.

How can you miss me?

One day you might forget me,

I might want you to


You’re my miracle

So send me your love again

You make the sun shine.

Your smile shines a light

With divine intervention

I’ll feel that warmth soon.

I’m a castaway

Its like somebody sent ya

To bring me to shore.

Slum love

Promised us the world

They told us we’d find a love


I saw your face there

Looking off in the distance

Watching the tv.

How could I ever

Find the words to tell you or

Love anyone more?

As you are

There’s a part that’s mine

I won’t give it back to you

Then there’s more you’ll take

Lets take a picture

Come take anything you like

It all ends the same

Honey, I was yours…

I wont love another you

In the dark of night.

Smile like a fool

You do make me smile,

Even when I don’t want to

When I feel so gone.

Haven’t seen the sun

You make it shine in the dark

I smile like a fool

Let me fade away

I could only bring you down

Nothing without you.

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