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japanese poetry

Killing moon

So soon you’ll take me

Under blue moon I saw you

Up against your will-

Fate, through thick and thin,

So cruelly you kiss me,

Lips a magic world.

Sky all hung with jewels,

The killing moon comes too soon,

Too late to beg you.

Angel angel, down we go together

I know they take and-

leave nothing real in return,

but when they’ve used you-

And they’ve broken you,

and wasted all your money

I’ll be there for you.

Angel, don’t take your…

But I love you more than life,

Love you more than life.

All I’ve ever known

Every breath there’s life,

They’ll pronounce us man and wife,

Now and evermore.

Once you’ve found your thrill,

I’d chase you up the hill, now-

And all throughout time.

Now my memory,

What was once a fantasy,

All I’ve ever known.

Fade Into You

Take a breath thats true

To the hold the hand inside you

You go in shadows.

You’ll come apart and…

Some kind of night, your darkness

Colours your eyes with…

I think it’s strange that…

I want to fade into you,

Strange you never knew.


C’était pas de l’ennui

J’étais un peu fatiguée

Les lumières dansaient

C’était les reflets

Elles éclairaient ses yeux

D’une femme à la peau…

Je suis rentrée tard

Je me souviens au fond

Que de sa tendresse.

Show me how

Show me how you care

Tell me why your hands are cold

Show me how you smile.

Show me how you’re proud,

Tell me how you reach the moon,

My heart fell to love.

I’m turning around,

I’m having visions of you,

Then I understand.

Seasick, yet still docked

Wish i knew the way

to reach the one I love

But there is no way.

And all of my life

No one gave me anything

No one has ever.

My love is as sharp-

As a needle in your eye,

you must be a fool.


I don’t wish I was

I wanna be your lover

Something close to it.

Cause honey it’s you

I’m spiralling down into.

Fall away to blue

Fade away too soon

Dreaming you into my bed

To a shade of grey.


Became someone else,

I ran away from myself,

Just noise and decay.

Gave up all my pain

I fell in love with the rain

I didn’t need it.

I’d be better off

Two thousand light years away

chipping away at…

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