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japanese poetry

Good to love

It’s so good to love,

When you give yourself away,

Always hurts too much,

Pray to get it back,

Only God can give you that,

So just let me love.

Got a right to hurt,

Let me lay against your side,

It’s so good to love.


Watch me unravel,

I’m me, me be, goddamn I…

I’ll soon be naked.

Lying on the floor,

Oh no, it go, it gone, bye,

I have come undone.

Hold this thread as I…

Who I, I think, I sink and…

As I walk away.

I’m so lonesome I could cry

Train is whining low,

I’m so lonesome I could cry,

Time goes crawling by.

See a robin weep,

When the leaves begin to die,

Lost the will to live.

Silent falling star,

It lights up a purple sky,

Wonder where you are.

Slowly goes the night

Slowly goes the night,

So lover, lover goodbye,

Hang my head and cry.

With my trembling hand,

I trace the ghosts of your bones,

I toss and I sweat.

Yeah dark is my night,

But sleep brings you back to life,

Darker is my day.

Poison tree

Let your honey harden me,

Oh, beautiful poison tree,

Your flower grows in me.

Let your sorrows grow,

Take away my blood and home,

Deep inside of me.

Tiny poison tree,

Eyes beautiful like my dreams,

Turn me into a…

Let me be

Why, why can’t I sleep?

Why, why won’t you let me be?

When you’re next to me?

Why, why can’t I speak?

Lies when you’re talking to me,

When you’re in my dreams?

Please, please let me be,

Why, why won’t you let me be?

Wont you let me be.

Boys don’t cry

I would say sorry,

Thought that it would change your mind,

I have said too much.

Cover it all up,

I try to laugh about it,

Hide tears in my eyes.

Misjudged your limits,

Thought that you needed me more,

Just keep on laughing.

Soft porn

Pick up the fucking…

Phone, need the warmth of your tone,

I reach for her kiss.

This is demon bliss,

And this is isolation,

I reach for her kiss.

I’d sink in salt babe,

Babe, let it take me instead,

Could I reach for a…


They wanna see us,

They wanna see us apart,

See us all alone.

I get overwhelmed,

I just want to feel you’re there,

There’s no one to tell.

Feelings that we had

Didn’t I do it for you?

Wrapped in cellophane.

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