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japanese poetry


There are flowers in…

And it hurts, everytime,

…my heart, growing thorns.

And I won’t see you…

…again, you’re not a person,

You’re my friend, if we…

We meet, just by chance,

Can we kiss and can we dance?

If we meet just by…

Way out here

You want to leave me,

Will you leave me in your mind?

Think of me some time.

You want to keep me,

Will you help keep me alive?

Cause suicides too…

Too much on my mind,

Cause the way I am wont change,

Til I stop asking.

Well I wonder

Well I wonder, do…

Do you hear me when you sleep?

I hoarsely cry, why?

Well I wonder, do..

Do you see me when we pass?

I half die, gasping…

Somehow still alive,

Fierce last stand of all I am,

Please keep me in mind.

Last night I dreamt…

Last night I dreamt that…

Just another false alarm,

… that somebody loved.

Last night I felt real…

No hope, no harm, false alarm,

…real arms around me.

So tell me how long,

This story is old I know,

Before the last one?

I have forgiven Jesus

But Jesus hurt me,

When he deseted me, but

I have forgiven.

I was a good kid

Carried my heart in my hand,

Do you understand?

Why give me so much?

When there’s no one I can turn,

To unlock this love.

My dearest love

These tears I’m wailing,

I spill not without reason,

My dearest love my…

Take me to the place,

Where the grotesquely lonely,

I’ve been dreaming of.

I’ve hung on, hung on

Please, please be mine dearest love,

For one hundred years.

Selfish lover

All your little quirks,

I swear to God I need ya,

Yeah I’m quite strange too.

Thinking tomorrow,

The places you want to go,

Without you I can’t…

A selfish lover,

The last heart you’ll uncover

Never no other.

Become the warm jets

Oh I can heart it

When that old song starts to play

Just cutting through me

In familiar ways,

The useless seems to matter,

Consumed and enthused

All that came before,

Give me everything I need,

Or enough to sleep.

Thieves like us

It’s always the same,

Watched your face for a long time,

In the pouring rain.

It dies so quickly

Only thing worth living for

It grows so slowly.

Oh but it’s called love,

It’s called love, love, love love love,

It belongs to us.

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