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japanese poetry

Cool with you

We don’t have to know

Well they’re hoping and faking

Anyone at all

We don’t have to go

I just wanna call your name

Anywhere at all

Is that cool with you?

That I wanna call your name

Is that news to you?

Outta my mind

I’ve been waiting for…

The right time to let you know

Been looking for you

Oh all of my life

Like walking on a landslide

Let me take you down

Don’t even know you

Don’t care if you aint my type

Get you outta my…

I am that guy

Wandering at night

Rabid days, get delighted

There’s no food, no light

You don’t know me so

I keep looking at the crowd

Looking at the light.

You give me goosebumps

And I see you in the dark

And I’m on fire.


Can’t help it with you

When light comes into the room

Stubborn hearted blue

Can’t hide it from you

nothing like the way you move

I can’t wait for you

Admire all of you

Can’t stop disco getting through

But fire burns me too.

She probably never thinks of you…

It’s so pathetic

I know, but it was so real

My heart was all yours

Could’ve been something.

We could’ve gone to prague or…

Anywhere with you.

So predictable

Now you never think of me

And I’m just adrift.


I think I dreamed you

You were always there but now…

you’re a part of me.


Lips I haven’t kissed

Your beauty is haunting and…

I feel things I hid.


When I close my eyes

Sometimes you’re smiling, sometimes

I think its for me.



Something to hold onto…

How could I forget?

When I held your hand in mine

If I could go back

Jump across the sea

Just for one more smile from you

Turn back time and stop

A perfect moment

Someday soon I’ll touch your cheek

I’ve waited so long…

Friendly Echos

It feels long ago

When you stood in front of me

You’re just an echo


I’m lying awake

Thinking of what could have been

Time passing so fast


I’m feeling so old

But also I feel nothing

As you drift away.



Et j'ai pas le temps
de me laisser envahir

tous les faux sourires

Et j'ai tout quitté

Si j'mens j'vais en enfer
afin de te trouver

dis la vérité
Je t'ai trouvée dans la foi

enfouie là en moi

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