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The riddle of the reluctant rake

Beauty why so reluctant?

Do tell me, was it something?

Why you can’t be consistent,

If only it was one-thing.

Our eyes meeting chasedly,

A touch of your hand barely,

Our skin touching nakedly,

A love spoken of rarely.

These feelings so persistent,

To chase them seems my duty,

However you’re resistant,

In that I find some beauty.


Bewitched I lie restlessly,

Alone at night I wonder,

Be it love or devilry,

Is it fate or a blunder?

In my dreams it’s effortless,

I’m just holding you tightly,

Nothing, only tenderness-

Exists and it burns brightly.

On its face so simplistic,

To kiss you and feel enriched,

Is that banal? Truistic?

To desire to be bewitched?


Fulfilled, I dream endlessly,

Of feeling more than hollow,

Loving someone wordlessly,

It’s easier to wallow.

In pain and in misery,

Than to let your heart open,

To skulk away gingerly,

To let things go un-spoken.

I pray God is merciful,

That love and hope can rebuild,

And I know it’s fanciful,

To hold you and feel fulfilled.

The end of the day

Wanted someone, somebody,

To love and hold back nothing,

Love and light she’d embody,

And I’d feel righteous loving.

Her gaze would bring contentment,

Her touch sparks a warmth inside,

In others stokes resentment,

When they see our hearts collide.

The day went on endlessly,

And despite this it daunted,

That you’d be there breathlessly,

Just to make me feel wanted.

La Recontre

Meeting, is that possible?

Could the stars and fates align?

Would love best all obstacles?

I pray that’s it’s God’s design.

To kiss your lips lovingly,

To make my arms your shelter,

Declare our love blushingly,

Feel our hearts grow and swelter.

Love I don’t want another,

Your heart alone I’m seeking,

A world of love uncovered-

On the day of our meeting.


Breakfast, in bed together,

Kiss your bare shoulder lightly,

Please let it last forever,

My arms around you tightly.

Sinking into eachother,

Exchanging longing kisses,

I’d never want another,

These intermittent blisses.

Bodies woven contently,

Inside our hearts a tempest,

Just squeezing you constantly,

One day I’ll make you breakfast.

The Damsel of the Faith

Damsel, hold your traditions,

Your beauty and your honour,

Your love my one ambition,

Please I can’t wait much longer.

Your lips are sweet perfection,

Like two ripe cherry blossoms,

Don’t shy from my affection,

Please take me to your bosom.

Your skin soft and marvelous,

Your eyes gorgeous and ample,

Lose myself for carelessness-

In those splendid eyes damsel.

Cet obscur objet du désir

Desire, your lips bittersweet,

The touch of your hand softly,

Without I’d be incomplete,

The emptiness too costly.

Your beauty shines Resplendent,

Like some exotic jewel,

Your lips on mine transcencendant,

Gazing at the sky cerule.

Your features so delicate,

I just pray the fates conspire-

Laid in my arms elegant-

-as always, my one desire.


Belay my heart suspended,

I’m nothing now, I’m empty,

Every smile faked, pretended,

The chances wasted, plenty.

I dreamt we were embracing,

But you were just a stranger,

No point footsteps retracing,

I was never in danger.

“I love you, you’re everything”

It’s all just petty wordplay,

It doesn’t mean anything,

But to hear it once belay.

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