Darkly Dreaming Demographic.

Where weird shit hits bizarre fans.

The embrace

Closer my arms outstretching,

Wrap my arms around nothing,

Wake alone just regretting,

Praying you might feel something.

Calling out in agony,

My pain I’d wish on no-one,

Not even my enemy,

Should carry this and go-on.

I’d give my life, anything,

Just to rest on your shoulder,

Arms around you spiralling,

Begging just to be closer.

(She’s) just a phase

Just a streak of blue,

Linger you, I feel no kiss,

Creature of desire.

But she’s just a phase,

Boy she’s easy to replace,

Trip out where you lay.

I am poisoned slow,

Emerald eyes, got to let go,

Wonder if she knew.


Captured my heart imprisoned,

Only for your touch longing,

Lay awake I envision;

Your heart next to mine thronging.

I wonder if providence-

Might grant us a chance meeting,

Would your arms lack hesitance?

Would there be kissing, weeping?

My thoughts of you everyday,

My head in your neck, raptured,

My home, my one hideaway,

Still yours, forever, captured.


Have you got no soul?

Is your heart a gaping hole?

And if you loved me-

You’d never do this,

You wouldn’t put me through this,

Makes you a killer.

Think of our unborn…

Forever is for dreamers,

… how I’ll never know.

But somehow still alive

Gasping, clinging desperately,

To the parts you left behind,

To life grasping jealously,

Love and hope have been denied.

Still I dream of reunion,

In your warm lap I awake,

But it’s just an illusion,

Faded away by daybreak.

Why am I still existing?

Some shred of hope still clasping,

On dreams of love subsisting,

I go on dying, gasping.


I never felt it,

It feels like a hurricane,

When I was younger.

Hard to stop the rain,

Starts out gold but never stays,

Feel it in my veins.

Don’t want to live this…

I don’t want to be afraid,

Don’t want you to leave.

Welcome advance

Sleeping beauty awaken,

In my arms resting softly,

Your green eyes I’m quite-taken,

Muse on your dark hair oftly.

Truly you are beautiful,

But inside a heart gilded,

A soul pure and scrutable,

Praise be the God that willed-it.

Will we have our rendezvous?

Will our love be worth keeping?

Will you wake up next-to-me?

Or simply go on sleeping.

Flamin’ hot cheetos

Such a romantic,

I never remember how…

Things really happen.

Wanna be the one…

You think about at night and..

Wanna be the one…

Put up a fight for,

I’d buy you anything and..

Things I can’t afford.

I dreamt about her again…

Naked, our hearts unravelled,

Lips against mine so tender,

A dream, a road untravelled,

A taste of bitter splendor.

Although just a fantasy,

I felt them still, I’m certain,

I touched your heart candidly,

I peaked behind the curtain.

I felt your warmth embracing,

But then it slowly faded,

Smell of your hair displacing,

Leaving me feeling naked.

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