Darkly Dreaming Demographic.

Where weird shit hits bizarre fans.

Last night I dreamt…

Last night I dreamt that…

Just another false alarm,

… that somebody loved.

Last night I felt real…

No hope, no harm, false alarm,

…real arms around me.

So tell me how long,

This story is old I know,

Before the last one?

And not to yield

Deny me not companion,

I know you think me foolish,

To love with such abandon,

All other paths prove fruitless.

Go and leave a mystery,

To whom your heart doth belong,

Your beauty, your witchery,

For me it plays its swan-song.

Naught a hair of accidence,

What went right and then awry,

No devils trite impishness,

Your ruby lips would deny.

I have forgiven Jesus

But Jesus hurt me,

When he deseted me, but

I have forgiven.

I was a good kid

Carried my heart in my hand,

Do you understand?

Why give me so much?

When there’s no one I can turn,

To unlock this love.


Parting such sweet agony,

A kiss left in time hanging,

Never to be part-of-me,

Tears in my heart left panging.

My heart I gave willingly,

All for you and none other,

Poked and prodded timidly,

And left alive to suffer.

Loved you more than stars-and-sea,

I’ll never go on hearting,

The tears I wept bitterly-

Won’t wash away your parting.

Force of nature

Coming, a force unrivaled,

Power that can’t be denied,

The world we know unravelled,

And then simply brushed aside.

What sits in place thereafter,

Of this none can be certain,

To try and court disaster,

But let not fall the curtain.

What waits beyond shambhala?

A love so pure and numbing,

To stay awhile, inshallah,

And know the waves are coming.

When first we meet

Upon our first rendezvous,

Our fated spirits meeting,

Whence our lips touch, dejavu,

However be it fleeting.

Your hand in mine homecoming,

Our fates forever entwined,

The tides of love succumbing,

By God and faeries designed.

To touch your lips transcending,

In our hearts a whole kingdom,

A world that is unending,

Shared pillow to dream upon.

My dearest love

These tears I’m wailing,

I spill not without reason,

My dearest love my…

Take me to the place,

Where the grotesquely lonely,

I’ve been dreaming of.

I’ve hung on, hung on

Please, please be mine dearest love,

For one hundred years.

In passing

Passing it seems fatefully,

To love and long and sever,

To please God most greatfully,

To touch your lips not ever.

Brush so close our destiny,

But choose only the mundane,

Love stretching through history,

What wonders it could contain.

Relinquish your attachments,

Hear Angel’s trumpets massing;

Heralding our contentment,

Or else resigned to passing.

Four ways to love

Stranger still a resonance,

A link that remained unseen,

Our hearts held fast tremulous,

A song to our souls serene.

Love that defies expression,

That is but one and many,

All things at our discretion,

Lover, friend to make merry.

In you I find confidence,

Share my heart without danger,

We float on God’s providence,

Put your hand in mine stranger.

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