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puma blue

(She’s) just a phase

Just a streak of blue,

Linger you, I feel no kiss,

Creature of desire.

But she’s just a phase,

Boy she’s easy to replace,

Trip out where you lay.

I am poisoned slow,

Emerald eyes, got to let go,

Wonder if she knew.


I don’t wish I was

I wanna be your lover

Something close to it.

Cause honey it’s you

I’m spiralling down into.

Fall away to blue

Fade away too soon

Dreaming you into my bed

To a shade of grey.

Want me

Said that I don’t care

So how come when I’m alone,

But of course I do

Only think of you?

I don’t know if you want me

Only been in love

Maybe once or twice

Now I’ve had a taste of you,

Got me so enticed.

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