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At my elbow

Slipping into nothingness,

I think about you often,

Must be some kind of-sickness,

Pain never seems to soften,

It lingers still, hauntingly,

Looming over so faintly,

Coating all things dauntingly,

And even more so lately.

Seems like a dream diluting,

My sanity still gripping,

All common sense refuting,

I feel myself still slipping.

Garden of eden

Perfect, nearest perfection,

Was it me or was something-

Missing? Faintest reflection,

On the elusive one-thing.

To me it felt meaningful,

If just for that one moment,

Love is one such vehicle,

If given time to foment.

Maybe I’m wrong completely,

I’m just trying to deflect,

As my heart fails effetely,

It’s my fault it’s not perfect.

Cet obscur objet du désir

Desire, your lips bittersweet,

The touch of your hand softly,

Without I’d be incomplete,

The emptiness too costly.

Your beauty shines Resplendent,

Like some exotic jewel,

Your lips on mine transcencendant,

Gazing at the sky cerule.

Your features so delicate,

I just pray the fates conspire-

Laid in my arms elegant-

-as always, my one desire.

Impossible year

Beside me find completion,

An end to lifelong struggle,

Please love grant me admission,

Into your heart I stumble.

Sometimes I act foolishly,

Your smile is all I’m craving,

Say the wrong thing stupidly,

Your side would be my haven.

To me you are marvelous,

In me love, you can confide,

Only love and earnestness,

By mine, lay your head beside.


Fairwell mundane agony,

Love you’ve chased my cares away,

My heart cold and atrophy,

Will beat just for you someday.

Your beauty is astounding,

It seems almost quite surreal,

A heart with love abounding,

Could be my single ideal.

Perhaps it’s mere trickery,

Your eyes, I’m under your-spell,

Your lips perhaps witchery,

I could never say “fairwell”.

Study of a couple

Studied your face frequently,

Can’t place what makes it perfect,

Why my heart beats ceaselessly,

When our eyes meet and connect.

Pray for us to rendezvous,

To hold you for a moment,

On some moonlit avenue,

Allow our hearts to open.

Was it just a fantasy?

In passing I felt lucky,

Without you just apathy,

Heart ache picked apart, studied.

Imagine loona

Loona I must imagine,

Because I’m so far away,

I could never abandon-

Your heart, mine is here to-stay.

Perhaps I’m just nobody,

A vagrant and an exile,

One of many devotees,

Your beauty has so bequiled.

I dream of you endlessly,

One day I’d be your suitor,

And kiss your hand presently,

For now, imagine Loona.

Darker is my day

Darker my days without-you,

As if there’s never dawning,

At night I think about-you,

It’s the same every morning.

You are my one morning-star,

A light by which I’m guided,

A kiss like rich caviar,

The truth, or am I blinded?

My whole world you’ve set-alight,

Before it was much starker,

Perhaps I’ll see you-tonight,

When it’s a little darker.

The end of the song

Ended my long suffering,

You took away my sorrow,

But too soon for blustering,

Your lips I’ve yet to borrow.

At a loss, I’m overcome,

Is it real or just dreaming?

Can’t feel this for anyone,

I know there’s deeper meaning.

Your face leaves me stupified,

Speechless, I think you’re splendid,

You’ve left my world beautified,

Wait til the song has ended.

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