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Bles-sed divine providence,

Simple luck wouldst not afford,

No trick or mere consonance,

Love so pure could not reward.

In you, new born salvation;

A beauty ageless, replete,

We build this strong foundation,

So that we may be complete.

My love you will surrender;

Your heart before me naked,

To be mine now, forever,

Unavoidably bles-sed.


Became someone else,

I ran away from myself,

Just noise and decay.

Gave up all my pain

I fell in love with the rain

I didn’t need it.

I’d be better off

Two thousand light years away

chipping away at…

The lovers

Possessed I toss restlessly,

Aphrodite calls dreaming,

Whispered to me breathlessly;

The truth of love worth deeming.

A search that seemed unending,

The goal my hearts last reprieve,

She waits for me intending-

To bore my true love conceive.

Dream love you are beautiful,

I’ve come far at your behest,

Her voice proud and musical-

We sink together, possessed.


Oh I’m just a kid,

Yeah I only use my heart,

Never use my brain.

Always make mistakes.

I never say I’m sorry,

Cause they’re what I made.

Afraid of the dark,

I’m obsessed with ideas,

But I’m just a kid.

The shining path

Shining, my heart valiantly;

Fear not thy strike nor blemish,

Twas forged for you gallantly,

That you wantonly remiss.

I beg your heart’s charity,

To touch thy hair of raven,

Seek not but cold clarity,

Let thine breast be my haven.

In your arms waits contentment,

An ancient love, souls binding,

On loves wings ride ascendant,

On our lighted path Shining.

Lucky girl

We’re falling faster

Are the walls getting closer?

As I get closer.

Mind is deceiving,

I know sometimes I act like

Don’t care about you

Thought of you leaving

Gets heavier everyday/I know I’m a lucky girl,

I’m a lucky girl.

They went into their country

Guarded, we fell anyway,

“Please great river stop flowing”;

But our hearts they disobey,

Love we buried, still growing,

Make a country of-our-own,

In our our arms we find refuge,

Fingers trace your collarbone,

A fated kiss, love renews.

Although passion overwhelms,

Your heart sought no less ardent,

The hand of god at-the-helm,

To see your smile less guarded.

I love you so

I just need someone

In my life to give structure

All the selfish ways

That I spend my time

But I can’t deal with lovers

Saying I’m the one

But I love you so.

But your actions speak louder

You’re everything.

The kiss

Release, my hearts chastity,

In you I find my vessel;

To bask in your purity,

Your bosom I would’st nestle.

To find love so singular;

A pull, longing, most distinct,

So new yet fa-miliar

Fates wishes plain and succinct.

In your arms hearts resonate;

A touch, soft skin, soul unleash,

A kiss your heart penetrate,

You only, my love release.

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