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Time is like a dream,

Now for a time you are mine,

Who knows if it’s real?

Or just something we’re…

What seems like an interlude,

Could be beginning,

Beginning of love,

Much more than my heart can hold,

I could not grow old.

I have forgiven Jesus

But Jesus hurt me,

When he deseted me, but

I have forgiven.

I was a good kid

Carried my heart in my hand,

Do you understand?

Why give me so much?

When there’s no one I can turn,

To unlock this love.

Angel angel, down we go together

I know they take and-

leave nothing real in return,

but when they’ve used you-

And they’ve broken you,

and wasted all your money

I’ll be there for you.

Angel, don’t take your…

But I love you more than life,

Love you more than life.

Seasick, yet still docked

Wish i knew the way

to reach the one I love

But there is no way.

And all of my life

No one gave me anything

No one has ever.

My love is as sharp-

As a needle in your eye,

you must be a fool.

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