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Current joys

Let me be

Why, why can’t I sleep?

Why, why won’t you let me be?

When you’re next to me?

Why, why can’t I speak?

Lies when you’re talking to me,

When you’re in my dreams?

Please, please let me be,

Why, why won’t you let me be?

Wont you let me be.


I never felt it,

It feels like a hurricane,

When I was younger.

Hard to stop the rain,

Starts out gold but never stays,

Feel it in my veins.

Don’t want to live this…

I don’t want to be afraid,

Don’t want you to leave.

A different age

Oh you don’t know me

Cause I’m from a different age

And you can’t see me

And you could hurt me

You wouldn’t know what to say

You should believe me

Our dreams are the same

But a life without love, that’s-

God, that’s just insane.

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