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Ancietnt love

Ghost of me

Traces of you, mementos,

You hear me when you’re sleeping,

Carrying like undertows,

The sky is bruised and bleeding.

Cast aside so easily,

That time and love meant nothing,

Why guard your heart so jealously,

Inside theres naught but stuffing.

Poured out my heart, everything,

No lies, no secret places,

Love can be a deadly-thing,

Remain’s these ghostly traces.

Katherine, let me love you…

Accept me dear Katherine,

Though its more than I deserve,

Pierced by loves cruel javelin,

Although it feels trite, absurd.

Leave so much left unanswered,

So many things left unsaid,

Yet still I am enamored,

You linger in my bullhead.

Never false or saccharine,

I loved your every aspect,

I’d give my life, Katherine,

But you simply won’t accept.

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