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Plastic love

It feels so silly

I find myself missing you

forgetting the bad


You’re still in my dreams

It can’t be coincidence

But I can’t tell you.


That sweet summer rain

I thought I could replace you

but there’s no one else.



I don’t belong here

What the hell am I doing

I should be with you.


I want you to notice

I want you to think of me

When I’m not around


I’m here and nowhere

Whatever makes you happy.

Whatever you want.

Falling short

And it’s days like this…

It’s been a long time coming

But I’m falling short.

Cause you could say its…

It’s not too far to carry

But I’m falling short

And it’s times like these

Cause you took something away

From yourself, too far.

In dreams

Waiting for me there

I know I don’t deserve you

But in dreams you’re mine.

You gave me your love

Although I didn’t earn it

You gave it freely.

I know I’m not there

In my dreams there’s only you

One day I’ll hold you.

Murder me

Dreams dying alone.

Dark waves folding over me.

Light so far away.

To touch her fingers

To hear her voice in my head

Too much to ask for.

I’ll certainly die

If you don’t let me see her

Something has to break.

Enjoy the silence

I can’t remember…

There’s nothing left for me here.

The face of the sun.

I’ll never hold you…

You’ll never hear my voice now.

Like I did that day.

I’ll always love you…

I wish it was different.

Where ever I go.

I know its over

I know its over

It never really began

But in my heart it…

I can feel the soil

See the sea wants to take me

Knife wants to slit me.

Loud loutish lover

Sad veiled bride, please be happy

Handsome groom give her…

Last night I dreamt somebody loved me…

Last night I dreamt that…

Just another false alarm

There’s no hope, no harm.

Last night I felt some…

Someone’s real arms around me.

Just a false alarm

So tell me how long…

This story is old I know

Before the last one?

I wont share you

I wont share you, no

The drive and the dream inside

But this is my time.

I want the freedom

Oh, life tends to come and go

As long as you know.

I’ll see you somewhere

I’ll see you sometime, darling

But I wont share you.

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