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Parting such sweet agony,

A kiss left in time hanging,

Never to be part-of-me,

Tears in my heart left panging.

My heart I gave willingly,

All for you and none other,

Poked and prodded timidly,

And left alive to suffer.

Loved you more than stars-and-sea,

I’ll never go on hearting,

The tears I wept bitterly-

Won’t wash away your parting.

In passing

Passing it seems fatefully,

To love and long and sever,

To please God most greatfully,

To touch your lips not ever.

Brush so close our destiny,

But choose only the mundane,

Love stretching through history,

What wonders it could contain.

Relinquish your attachments,

Hear Angel’s trumpets massing;

Heralding our contentment,

Or else resigned to passing.

With the potion

Sinking ever spiralling,

She’s afraid to lose control,

As our doubts are quieting,

Your love I wouldst not cajole.

Need for you is maddening,

I carry it now always,

Something greater channelling,

Lead to you, my heart ablaze.

Please don’t bare me scournfully,

Thou art the potion drinking,

Love I long for urgently,

Not lost nor drowning, sinking.

Carried his love away

Fading, clinging desperately,

To light that chases shadows,

To love that shines disparately,

Sinking into the shallows.

By your lips held captivate,

Your eyes light up my darkness,

A kiss that would culminate,

Devotion to your likeness.

When I hold you seamlessly;

In a strangers heart wading,

Lean against me weightlessly,

Into you, my love, fading.

They rose up in air

Return my love, willingly

To the stars of whom bore-us;

How they’ll gleam most brilliantly,

Whence our ancestors chorus.

Green eyes that spur obsession,

Lips that I have kissed before

Here lies a feint depression,

Where you laid and will once-more.

Our hearts and souls liberate

The mundane world hence unlearned

Spirits joined to conflagrate;

To the stars we shall return.

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