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May 2021

Warmth of the sun

Easy to write poetry,

When you’re in love and stupid,

Wore my heart like jewellery,

Until it wasn’t suited.

I dreamt of you beforehand,

Together in a garden,

Lying in our holy-land,

Letting go of life’s burden.

The sun falling serenely,

It’s warm and slightly breezy,

The birds churping obscenely,

I wish it was that easy.

New demon

Lover, dreaming endlessly,

Of someone brusque who nurtures;

Someone that loves carelessly,

Through the past and all futures.

Your eyes deepest evergreen,

Your hair a long rich raven,

A soul pure and crystalline,

Your heart a home and haven.

A flutter, small explosion,

Someone who’s beauty inspires,

Who’s kindness heeds devotion,

Gives me reason to respire.

To be one and everything,

My heart my wife and mother,

Souls forever tethering,

Not just another lover.

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